Posted 22nd October 2013 by APSIS

APSIS labs tests: Email with flexible content

For Email Marketing Evolved in September, we got the chance to test what is possible with CSS in email. It turned out that there is much more possibilities than we first thought.

One of the things that we got extra interested in was the possibility to give the subscriber the chance to switch between different versions of content in one email. For example: to change between two language versions with a button.

The technical solution is really exciting and we are certain that there is a lot of companies that could benefit from it. The limitations for now are that it's only Apples' email clients that supports it.

From a technical standpoint, this is how it works: We insert radion buttons into an email. When clicking on the button, it call for a CSS. The CSS affects more than the button.

As a bonus it is also possible to register the subscribers that have clicked on the button (by looking at who has loaded the CSS). By doing this it is also possible to update demographic data based on actions. There are great possibilities, but it is still early. Lets hope that Gmail or some versions of Outlook will support this in the future – then it could get really interesting.

If you have any examples on interesting technical solutions for email, please send an email to