Posted 13th August 2014 by APSIS

A call to arms for data marketers – work smarter, not harder!

Attending one of our regular breakfast briefings is always illuminating for me because my fellow marketers are never shy in talking about their challenges and sharing ideas to address them!
This was again the case recently when I met with around 40 marketers from a number of global brands to discuss the challenges around factoring individual customer behaviour into your marketing.  I was lucky enough to be joined by Heather Hopkins, Senior Analyst, eConsultancy and Alex Widmark, Conversion Manager, 3.
So what did we learn?  Well, the common pain point from attendees (who typically were involved in customer experience, analytics or insight within the marketing function – data marketers!) was that they were suffering from double data whammy!
Firstly, a ‘data deluge’ as customer data springs up from various sources across the organization.  And secondly, because of the fragmented nature of that data, delivering key customer insights back into the business had become a resource intensive nightmare.  A number of attendees were asking whether they needed to learn new skills to cope and to throw more resource at the problem.
But then came the nirvana moment when Alex from 3 told attendees that he had managed to meet the challenge in just a few weeks.  
With a team of 2.
And with a 75% uplift in customer conversions.
And here’s the rub: it was simply a matter of automating the process of joining the data ‘dots’ together.
Alex’s story, with a ‘work smarter, not harder’ message, definitely resonated with our audience.  Why?  Because he could point to hard metrics which demonstrated how he had driven change: Speed to deployment; lower resources; increased ROI.
In short, the things that made him love his job a little bit more.  And which, in the process, allowed him to dodge the double data whammy!
This post was written by Andy Walker.