Posted 22nd October 2017 by APSIS

Combat the Ghouls of Data-Driven Marketing!

The time when midnight is prime creeps upon us: when ghouls, goblins and monsters of all shapes and sizes resurface once again to drain the energy out of marketers’ souls. There are some signs – some bad omens if you will – that you should feast your eyes on if you want to greet the morning light with revenues left in your clench…
A Nightmare on Data-Driven Street
From Ghost Carts to List Witches, there are quite a few goons that drain your resources. As a marketer, you might be aware of the spine-chilling fact that only 2% of your website visitors end up as paying customers, that 25% of your subscriber list dies organically each year and that dreadful manual work that’s required to turn leads into sales-ready customers…  It’s rather gut-wrenching, wouldn’t you agree?
Thankfully, there’s a way to summon your strongest data-driven strategies in order to save more than a few wise pennies. In the following infographic, we’ll guide you through the werewolves that feast on your business and subscriber list – and the silver bullets that come to your aid.
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