Posted 05th November 2014 by APSIS

The data wars – who wins? And does it matter?

In all of the hubbub around Apple’s recent launch of the iPhone6 and their new watch one fascinating little snippet of info went largely unnoticed.  And that is that Apple is going to start storing data on iPhones and watches through its Apple Pay service.
Apple Pay is undoubtedly going to cause retailers a few sleepless nights as they realise that they are in danger of ceding control to Apple around capturing customer data!
But why does this matter to the average marketer?  Well, it is simply further evidence that the battle to capture data from the consumer is getting ever more fragmented.  Retailers, financial payment providers, technology companies – all are vying to capture customer data at point of purchase.  Combine this fragmentation with the explosion in data that will come from wearable technology and marketers are faced with a deluge of data from multiple sources.  If you thought you had a challenge today, you ain’t seen nothing yet!
But ultimately, should we be fearful of this future?  I don’t think so.  Why?  Because really our challenge is not down to the amount of data we have to manage it’s the way we choose to manage it.   We look at the challenge of data management by focusing on the outcome of delivering three-dimensional customer profiles that can guide campaign decision-making to boost conversion and improve retention.   We believe what really matters is bringing together different platforms and data sources into a complete profile available to all.
This is why an agnostic integration platform, such as Profile Cloud, is so important.  This approach means that worrying about gaining a view of your customer from, say, their Apple billing history isn’t really important because it’s simply one further form of data that will be embedded into your overall integration platform.  So, my overall message?  The data war is upon us but, with the right approach, it is winnable!
This post was written by Andy Walker