Posted 25th May 2015 by APSIS

Direct Mail: It’s the Future!

Yes, you read correctly: Old fashioned, above-the-line, direct mail is back. Old school marketers can celebrate widely as good old DM returns to the forefront of how to get ahead of the crowd for innovative marketing communications…
How can this be, you say? The short answer is that “this is no ordinary direct mail, this is Digital Direct Mail” (in the voice of the M&S women). That’s right, DDM.
Some things remain true: Direct Mail is still expensive compared to other marketing communications such as email, but if you do it right and use the data your company already owns, you can turbo charge it with your own online customer data and the results can be staggering!
But customers don’t like direct mail, right? After all, you are basically littering their hallways with generic content that your company deems appropriate. So why not target them using their individual online behaviour to target your direct mail campaigns?
In order to do this, you need to take the following three steps:
  1. Join forces internally
Your online and offline teams need to agree that good customer service and sales is a great thing. This is often more a challenging than you might think, as departments fight over the same sale to ensure future marketing budgets etc. Someone senior needs to break down these walls if you face this situation in your business. generic cialis online prescription
  1. You need online data
Not just analytics, but real time actionable data that you can leverage at any time to trigger communications as and when a customer or prospect interacts with your business, on or offline.
  1. Action
Finally you need to link your online data source (and any other data silos you wish) with your offline marketing team. This can be done easily using a customer data management platform. Then it’s off to the fulfillment house for distribution.
You now have the ability to play where few are at the moment and steal a march on your competition through turbo online data charged DDM. Let’s look at some simple yet powerful examples…
Imagine… a travel company noticing your searches online for an upcoming trip, taking your large number of variables and sending you relevant viagra pre and post purchase information through the post.
Imagine… receiving your latest wine catalogue with your most purchased wines with suggestions of others you might like, or even listing the wines you have browsed online and how they have dropped in price this month, etc.
Imagine… an hotelier who has taken your recent booking online who then sends you relevant, cross-sell promotes for spa treatments, golf, restaurant bookings or upgrades based around the dates you have booked.
These are all highly competitive industries where viagra vs cialis vs levitra reviews brands are looking to stand out from the crowd. What a way to do this, and it’s no longer hard to do!
As a consumer the campaign is no longer a campaign, but it is instantly interesting helpful information. Often consumers say that they don’t like being advertised to… This is how you stop it.
Using a customer data platform you are able to target 1:1 or segment your customers by behaviours online in order to target them offline. Amaze, surprise your customers today and DDM them!