Posted 21st February 2011 by APSIS

E-mail drives offline purchases

E-mail has become a popular channel to market products to consumers as well as other companies. A common argument has been the low cost of creating and distributing information.

We were curious to understand the recipients’ reactions – do newsletters actually lead to purchases?

The survey was conducted during 16/2 -19/2 2010 and was answered by 1075 individuals of different genders and ages living all over Sweden.

The results of the survey:


It may not come as a surprise that more than 50 % of the respondents shop online after receiving a newsletter, since the distance between the inbox and an e-store is very short. A more remarkable finding is that 25 % of the respondents made purchases in regular shops after having received a newsletter. This shows that e-mail is not just a fast channel – but that in some cases, the effect of a good newsletter can last for a long time.