Posted 18th May 2011 by APSIS

The Five Keys to Email Marketing Success

Accelerating your email marketing program into overdrive takes effort and analysis. Before beginning, perform a pulse check to determine where you are today. This will establish a baseline analysis for all the steps following.

There are five key elements to creating the foundation of a strong email program:

1. Defining your goals

What are your overall business goals? What are you looking to accomplish with your email marketing program? Regardless of the answers, you should work to define your goals and make them clear to all parties working on the program.

You should also go a step further and define goals for each campaign to shape your messaging and audience.

2. Defining your audience

First, why did your subscribers opt-in to receive your emails? What are their expectations of you? Which members of your audience have the best potential for a high response to the campaign?

Looking at their preferences in addition to their performance and response rates can help shape messaging and expectations around performance.

3. Determining messaging while answering “What’s in it for me?” for your subscribers

The creative and copy should center solely on the benefits to the subscriber to achieve the highest response. The messaging should also tie back into your goals.

If you are not able to achieve both of these purposes, you should rethink whether sending the email is appropriate.

4. Testing

Testing will help to uncover the best messaging, frequency, time to send emails and more. Testing all of these will also have the benefit of honing in on what your audience wants from your email program.

5. Monitoring performance and conducting regular analysis

By constantly monitoring and analyzing performance will get you resources and buy-in from the management team for your email program. In addition, it will help you course-correct when needed to constantly meet your subscribers’ needs and expectations.