Posted 12th September 2011 by APSIS


Granngården is a classic, well known company in Sweden. In 1880, operations were started under the name of Lantmännen. In 2002, the name Granngården was added. EQT bought the company in 2008 and since then, it is known only as Granngården. Today Granngården is a nationwide modern retail chain that caters to both consumers and businesses. The priority target group is people of all ages who love the rural life, animals and gardening.

The sales channels are retail, mail order and soon e-commerce. Granngården’s loyalty club has as many as 640,000 members. Apsis’ services are important for developing communication and generate sales. 170,000 members subscribe to the newsletters. Granngården has 109 stores, 700 employees and a turnover of around two billion SEK.


  • Make e-mail newsletters appealing and selling, fulfilling customer needs.
  • Send invitations, exclusive offers and news to loyalty club members by e-mail.
  • Increase awareness of Granngården and generate higher roi in our communication.


  • Together with apsis’ strategic services team, we conducted a workshop that resulted in new insights and eventually an action plan. we received suggestions on how to work with split test to understand the type of communication that is most appropriate for each target group. in addition, we also got a new, more communicative, template that increased readability - and had a great layout!


  • Strategic action plan.
  • Template with clearer communication.
  • Increased open rates and more active subscribers.
  • Through smarter email marketing sales increased.

You work in communications at granngården, Sofia. tell us about the business and your strengths.

Granngården is based in agriculture and my colleagues have extensive knowledge in the areas we operate in. Our knowledge and good products are the basis of our high quality.

Who are the customers?

It is a mix of young and old, homeowners and pet owners. The usually have an interest in animals and nature. They are active outdoors.

What does the buying pattern look like?

We have about 640,000 members in our loyalty club, out of which 170 000 subscribe to our newsletter. We know, it’s an incredible number. But it means that we have loyal and devoted customers.

How does the collaboration with
apsis work out?

We have worked with Apsis since 2004. Now we felt that we needed to improve our email communications. Since Apsis is a service that helps companies do just that, we decided to meet with Apsis Strategic Services. We had a meeting with one of Apsis’ consultants and did an analysis of how we used email and newsletters with our audiences. This resulted in a strategic plan with a series of concrete measures, such as better designed newsletters, working with more offers, suggestions for split testing, surveys, etc.

What was the difference?

Previously we worked more unstruc- tured. All received the same letter, we sent letters either too seldom or too often - without a plan, simply. Thanks to Apsis Strategic Services, we decided to send different letters to different audiences, formulated clearer messages and offers that followed the interests of each group had, horse, dog, etc. We also did split testing to see what worked best in the subject line , the date that gave the best results, etc.

How was the response?

Increased open rates and more active subscribers. The stores are also noticing an increase in visits when the mailings go out. Some deals we have only done through email. It has proved very positive. We also observed how many people took up on their offering through email and sms.

A good example?

Before spring cleaning in the garden, we did a mailing with an offer to buy plastic bags in the shops. We got a one hundred percent increase against the previous year. Plus it gave additional sales on other products bought at the same time.

How do you create and send newsletters?

We have done an action plan that is linked to our other marketing activities. We simply decide what should be in each newsletter – the template is right there already. After the sending I check the sta- tistics, which Apsis’ systems presents in a concrete and useful way.

What have you learned from this?

Lots! Apsis has through their Strategic Services made us think outside the box. A kind of springboard towards working smarter and more efficiently. We’re con- stantly learning new things about the customers and their behavior. We can give them better service and of course sell more. We have a clearer approach now.

How do you work now?

We have learned to work more strategically with help from Apsis. We now know that we get better results by sending more frequently at a given time than by communicating to everyone as often as possible. Now it is more seasonal, about a letter a week, segmented into different groups according to their interest and what they bought previously. We also use sms even more frequently so that we can send a message in connection with the offer we have at the moment.

What is the main advantage of
apsis strategic services?

The variations. We now use different modules for each store. This means that members receive newsletters tailored both for themselves and from the store they shop in and/or are closest to. It be- comes more personal and more effective. With Apsis Strategic Services, we have been pushed in the right direction towards a more efficient way of working, which also produces results.

The next step?

We will adapt our email so they work equally good on both your computer and your mobile phone. We plan to do surveys via Apsis Survey and we will try to go a step further with the segmentation, using Apsis Trigger.

In order to make our communications more personal is our intention to send letters on for example birthdays. It is im- portant to get our customers to feel that they have a special offer that is only ad- dressed to them. We got many good tips like that through Apsis Strategic Services.

What is it like work with Apsis?

We meet several people who work with us. Everyone is good at his or her job. Fast support and good help. It works so well with Apsis that you never feel the need for anything else.