Posted 25th March 2014 by APSIS

How Addnature activated their customers and sold 1000 headlamps

– All with the help of a truly enganging email campagin

Using a creative take on email marketing, Addnature raised their opening rate to 45%, sold out stock and increased their upsales towards passive customers; we talked to Mia and Carina to find out more about the successful campaign.

In short, who are Addnature?

– Addnature is a business who loves adventure. We are mountaineers, skiers, canoers, cyclists, trekkers, and runners who come with a burning passion for the modern outdoors – a passion so strong we had to set up a business!   

Addnature started in Sweden in 2000, and has three stores in Stockholm. 70% of our business is generated online on – that’s why email marketing together with other online marketing and social media activities are important cornerstones in building relationships and reach our online customers with news and offers.

Email marketing is particularly efficient, as it let us reach out quickly with packaged news and offers – and follow up with easily accessed statistics.


We’ve received your newsletter for some time now, but reacted when one arrived the other week titled “We miss you”, containing a challenge to activate us and other customers who hadn’t been shopping with you for a while. What was the though behind this campaign?

– Normally, we would send newsletters and campaign offers to all our subscribers, but this time we opted to target customers we hadn’t seen for a while. This was to offer them a select, extra value offer on, in this case, a decent headlamp suitable for year-round adventures. Our ambition was to reconnect with these clients, and remind them of who we are. Of course, we expected interest and uptake around the offer itself, but also hoped for some up sales on the rest of our range.

What was the biggest challenge?

– We did have some considerations to make. F ex, we had to figure out a product that wasn’t limited by sizing, had a large target group, and a sufficiently attractive price so the customer couldn’t resist the offer. How do we define an active vs inactive customer? How many will take the offer?

What was the result?

– We sold out 1000 headlamps in two weeks, and additionally, customers discovered other cool items and offers in our ranges, so we had a fair deal of upsales. We also experienced a slightly higher opening rate (45%) than usual – we think this connects to the tone of the subject line being extra personal – “We miss you!”

Will you do further, similar campaigns? If so, will you carry any experiences from this recent one to make the next one even better?

– We won’t rule it out, but nothing is planned at the moment. Instead of working with a specific offer, like this one, we might work even more with customised campaigns to offer even more value to all our customers.

Finally – what is your own favourite tip in terms of good email marketing?

– We believe in working with unified and integrated communication throughout our channels, and of course the ability to give the customer something more than just the product offer. In that respect, our strength is our customer service, our very favourable terms and services, as well as a burning passion for the outdoors and adventures.