Posted 16th November 2015 by APSIS

How to personalise to first-time visitors before you know them

Ok, so you have a bunch of customers who have bought stuff. Great. Now the next time they visit your website, you can show more of the stuff they previously bought, or even recommend other complementary or related products they might like. Sorted.
Or, you have a bunch of prospects who haven’t bought any stuff. Still great. Now the next time they visit your website, you can show more of the stuff they have looked at last time they were on your site. Maybe you can even discount those products to encourage a first time purchase. Tick.
Then you have a brand new bunch of people who have never visited your site before. Ever. They are little more than an IP address. Where do you start?
With AudienceProject. That’s where.
APSIS is proud to announce its latest partnership with a leading technology in AudienceProject, and we’re excited to explore the benefits we can bring to our customers together.
How does it work?
Primarily a market research company, AudienceProject has an intelligence database of over 30 million cookies, with hundreds of characteristics and preferences. The cookie pool is based on data from over one million panelists worldwide.
APSIS Profile Cloud creates a profile for every customer and prospect, which can then be enriched with data from every channel and shared across your existing technologies.
Putting these together means that, when a person lands on your site, you can immediately start to personalise everything that visitor sees based on estimated characteristics and preferences. Age, gender, even income propensity can all be estimated by matching the visitor to multiple personas and segments. From here, you can learn and refine the process as the visitor progresses her or his journey by combining ongoing web behaviour.
What does this mean?
This partnership takes personas to the next level. Using sample information, your website can gain a starting advantage in the personalisation process, and every single visitor’s journey can be optimised and enhanced as a result.
Profile Cloud helps you get to know your new prospects. AudienceProject gives you a head start – an invaluable tool in a world of decreasing attention spans and more choice.
Powerful stuff.
This post was written by Martin Wallace