Posted 20th June 2016 by APSIS

Innometrics and Apsis merge – what it means for you, us and the industry

On Friday 17th June Innometrics and Apsis became one company; a real-time customer data platform merged with an email marketing, marketing automation, lead management and e-commerce technology.
The initial response so far from customers, partners and friends has been fantastic. Here at Innometrics we believe the move will enable Profile Cloud to continue to change the way businesses personalise experiences online.
Below is a Q&A-style format that outlines the answers to some questions we have had so far: how this move has come about, what it means for the two brands and our customers, and how we hope to make it a success for all involved moving forward…
Why are the two companies coming together?
The merger between Innometrics and Apsis makes great sense for both companies.
Apsis has a fantastic install base of email clients. Profile Cloud represents an opportunity to add functionality to the existing Apsis product suite and add entire new capabilities around personalisation and analytics that will create great value for clients.
Email is an essential element of modern marketing, and Innometrics clients have repeatedly requested that a tightly integrated and supported email platform is offered with Profile Cloud. As an example, the recent changes to Mailchimp and Mandrill Terms and Conditions, which were outside of Innometrics’ control, caused concerns for customers and partners.
Changes in EU privacy legislation have also made clients suspicious of US based email providers and many are keen to work with an EU hosted email company.
What does it mean for privacy and security?
Profile Cloud will continue to be hosted in the EU and all data contained in Profile Cloud will continue to be owned by the respective client.
I already have an email platform integrated with Profile Cloud – can I still use this?
Absolutely. This will continue to be supported. We will also continue to build out integrations with other email platforms.
Innometrics has always been vendor-agnostic, and now you are part of Apsis. How does that work?
Being vendor-agnostic has always been a priority for us, however customer success trumps this. It became obvious as all of our customers began to use Profile Cloud to power email communication that a more natively supported offering was needed.
Will Profile Cloud still support other email vendors?
Yes. In fact, we are further improving and formalising the integrations we have with other email vendors, so that customers can better understand what an integration with a particular vendor will offer.
Will Profile Cloud continue to be developed?
A big advantage of this merger for customers is increased development resources that will be directed at Profile Cloud ongoing.
I work with Apsis, can I talk to them about Profile Cloud?
We will be working to train both teams on the joint product offering. In the short term please continue to work with contacts from both Innometrics and Apsis.
What is happening to the Innometrics team? Who do I now speak to day to day?
The Innometrics team has been a crucial part of this merger so we are very much still here!
If you have any additional questions on the merge, please feel free to get in touch with us. You can also read more about it in this press release.
This post was written by Mattias Ward