Posted 07th October 2014 by APSIS

Keeping your options ‘open’ in a time of change – the smart approach

I was on holiday last week, so thought I’d take advantage of 7 days’ relaxation on the beach and catch up on some industry reading.
This infographic soon caught my eye.  When you enlarge the image, it’s mind-boggling stuff!
You may have seen something similar in your own reading; there are certainly a number of graphical representations of the proliferation of marketing technologies open to the savvy marketer today.
The good news is that such graphics tell us that the choice of marketing technologies open to us today is incredibly valuable when we think about engaging with our customers.  The bad news is that the sheer amount of choice is also distinctly overwhelming.
Put yourself in the shoes of the marketing decision maker; where do you invest your dollars and resources and how do you know that your investment won’t quickly become outdated?  And most importantly, how do you ensure that all that incredibly valuable customer data that you have assiduously been collecting works across all your marketing technology tools?
There can only be one logical way to cope with this challenge; don’t lock yourself into any solution that is closed or proprietary.  Given the rate of change in marketing, it is madness to lock yourself in right now.  Moreover, you don’t always need more, or different, technologies for each channel.  You just need them to work better for you.
We passionately believe in this approach, and it’s why we have developed our platform accordingly.
To conclude, spread your bets by remaining open, because putting a big bet on one or two suite solutions could prove to be a costly, and career threatening, mistake.
This post was written by Andy Walker