Posted 13th November 2013 by APSIS


”Email marketing has had a clear impact on our sales and the amount of people visiting our webshop”

Reima is one of Finland’s eldest manufacturer of children’s clothes. In 2013 Reima celebrates its 70-year-old anniversary. The company’s aim has always been to create comfortable and practical clothes for all sorts of outdoor activities – even if it rains, snows or shines. Reima employs approximately 100 people in Vantaa and Kankaanpää, and around 75 internationally. The most important export countries are the Nordic Countries, Russia and Switzerland.


To increase web shop sales and support point of sale marketing 
Newsletters in different languages for international markets


APSIS Pro is a user-friendly and efficient tool for email marketing 
Sub-accounts allow localization and sending newsletters in different languages


On days of sending, a 50% increase in web shop visits and more than 80% increase in web shop sales.

Newsletter subscribers made purchases 40% more likely than other web shop visitors on average 

Reima began email marketing as a support activity for point of sale marketing around three years ago. The main objective became clear right at the beginning – to direct web page visitors to Reimashop, the web shop. As the tool Reima chose APSIS Pro.

– We chose Apsis because it works really well with different browsers. The ability to use the tool in international markets was also very important. We had a very good and reliable image of Reima, says Eva Lönnqvist, Reima’s Marketing Planner.

The company is very pleased with the choice and especially Apsis customer service has done an excellent job.

– APSIS Pro is use- friendly and simple . The reports are very good, clear and comprehensive and it’s easy to analyze what works and what doesn’t. You feel extremely comfortable and secure when sending newsletters because you know that you can get help easily with just one phone call. Apsis sends a lot of useful information about email marketing trend and good tips as well. This brings more value to the customer, Lönnqvist explains with a smile.

Email marketing leads to increased sales

In addition to the growth in the amount of visits, email marketing has lead to a significant increase in sales. Reima’s Web Shop Manager Marjo Pulkkinen says that the amount of web shop visits has risen as much as 50 % right after sending. Sales have also increased as much as 80 % compared to other days.

– In the past year the share of sales through newsletters has been around 10 – 15 %. Also, newsletter subscribers make purchases 40% more likely than other web shop visitors on average, says Pulkkinen.

The correct message reaches the correct target group

Apsis believes in the power of personalized email marketing. It is extremely important to send information to genuinely interested recipients who have given permission to send marketing messages. Buying mailing lists and sending unwanted marketing messages is considered as spam. Reima attracts new subscribers through the company’s web shop, as well as through different marketing campaigns.

– We do a lot of campaigns and competitions on Facebook and our own website. Campaigns are an excellent and easy way to ask for permission to send marketing messages, Lönnqvist explains.

Nowadays it’s all about mobile optimized newsletters

Reima started recently using mobile optimized templates. Mainly because nearly 40 % of unique opens are done with mobile devices. At the same time Reima, and Reimashop got a new visual image. Mobile optimized newsletters are nowadays very important as more and more people use tablets and smart phones for reading email. If a newsletter doesn’t open correctly, looks bad and timing is not ideal many recipients delete it without reading.

Changing newsletter template to mobile optimized template is simple. Apsis re-encodes the newsletter template and the visual image can be updated at the same time.

Easy international branding

In addition to Finland, Reima web shop operates in Sweden and Denmark. The future plan is to open web shops in Norway, Germany and Russia. Newsletters can be sent to international markets by using sub-accounts: texts are easy to translate and localize to fit local marketing campaigns. Apsis has a local customer service in several countries. In case you need of advice or help you can communicate in your own languag.

– We can create a newsletter in Finland and publish the letter in different languages by using sub-accounts. Our employees in charge of web shops in different countries translate and localize the texts in order to fit their local marketing campaigns, Lönnqvist says.

What next?

In the future, Reima is planning to take more advantage of customers purchasing processes and create even more tailored newsletters. The plan is, for example, to send a message three weeks after purchase and ask for feedback of the product and customer service. Last summer, in addition to consumer marketing messages, Reima started to send B2B marketing messages.