Posted 05th December 2013 by APSIS

Success with anti-relevance

One company flipped the current attitude on relevance, and customers overpowered their website with sales.

We caught up with Panduro Hobby, who changed their thinking and got it - spot on.

When you’ve worked for years to reach optimal results with relevance in marketing, it is great to see an example of how thinking differently really pays off.

In this case, Panduro Hobby got the hunch that their customers just might want to do something other than watching the Sweden – Portugal game. Now, this might have stopped at being a slightly quirky email, had we not seen the following unfolding on Facebook a short while later:

It would seem that the mail and the campaign had such a response, even their web shop was put out of action – a sure-fire sign that the campaign had had a resounding effect. Panduro kept a close dialogue with their followers on Facebook and informed about the problems and that they prolonged the discount.

But what was the thought behind all this?

We contacted Monica Larsson, Internet Business Manager at Panduro Hobby for an interview to gain more insight into the campaign. The reason, she said, was simple. “We’ve seen a real increase in visitors at this type of events. So that’s how the campaign premise was conceived”. Monica describes the results as “incredible”, with peak rates ”the highest we’ve ever experienced – both in website hits and sales”.

The team at Panduro were excited to see the reaction, and although anticipated to be positive, the real onslaught of customers to their website was above and beyond expectations. Unfortunately, they experienced technical difficulties to handle the traffic, so an extension of the campaign was rolled out to give all their customers a chance to participate. “We were also on stand-by to answer any Facebook-comments and queries throughout the evening and weekend,” says Monica.

When asked if they had done something similar previously she promptly replies, “This was a first – definitely not the last!”
Break-throughs like these are always really exciting to see, and even if Panduro Hobby in one way went against the conventional view of relevance, they had cottoned on to what was important to the customer. Now that’s how you create truly successful email marketing!

Good job, Panduro!

The actual email with the headline "Free from football"-guarantee.