Posted 16th October 2014 by APSIS

Why is it sometimes so hard to stay focused?

Focus. I often try to remind myself to stay focused during the day. Focus - don’t get distracted. Saying it out loud makes it even more important. Normally I start the day with my own agenda. What are my goals for today? There are deadlines that must be upheld.

However, meeting deadlines, while being quick and responsive to the world around us, is difficult. We get distracted and overwhelmed. At the same time, our colleagues rightfully expect us to always be ahead and up-to date in our field.

Those of you who attended EME2014 probably felt this, too, when you returned to your desks. Full with energy and new ideas, you tried find ways to act on what you learned. It’s time to face the challenge of prioritizing those ideas. Andrew Kordek said that we as marketers always chase the next “new black”. It is so easy to get distracted and to look for the next exciting thing, rather than making sure that current project get the attention they deserve. It is not the most exciting learning experience - but sometimes it makes much more sense to evolve current projects and initiatives, rather than starting new ones. Marketing is way too important for us to be distracted by everything new that comes along.

Ostriches have a tendency to shift their focus to anything shiny that comes along, but they have very, very small brains. Don’t be an ostrich.

Many speakers said the same thing - but from different angles. ”Beware of the big projects, as they often fail”. Big projects are difficult by nature. Big projects without any experience are even harder to get right. Marketing Automation is something many of us are considering, but are worried about, because it sounds huge and complicated. It doesn’t have to be complex; you might already be doing some Marketing Automation without thinking about it in those terms.

Both Jay Baer and Bas Van den Beld put it well when they stated how we marketers should put our concepts into action. The consensus was to start small, prove results and evolve. Get started - sometimes it‘s just that simple!

So, my learning from EME2014 is about evolution. As marketers we must stay curious, but focused. It is our responsibility to adapt and understand new concepts. How can we contribute and challenge our tasks to be more competitive? Try to challenge your own status quo with each project and become better every day.

A wise evolution makes much more sense than a risky revolution.