Posted 01st September 2014 by APSIS

Why location, location, location isn’t always right…

The arrival of technologies such as Apple’s really rather sexy iBeacon has got many in the retail marketing fraternity salivating with excitement.  Why?  Because the option to push on-site offers when you can understand a customer’s location, via the iBeacon technology, is irresistible. 
You can almost hear the cry in the marketing brainstorm.  ‘Great; we’ll know they’re there so let’s flog them something!’ But let’s step back a second and be more measured.  Just because we know someone is in our vicinity, it doesn’t mean that they want to buy from us.  After all, I walk through Piccadilly Circus on my way to work every day, but am not in the slightest bit tempted to eat in McDonald’s (no offence, McDonald’s) even though their logo ‘winks’ at me from seemingly every corner.
No, the thing that makes me stop and take note of something is when I get punted a highly personalized (and therefore relevant) message from a brand.  The good news is that, iBeacon technology, handled the right way, can do this for a retailer. 
Profile Cloud, when used in conjunction with iBeacons, can help retailers target specific customers with specific offers in-store, in real-time. In essence, what we’ve done is find a smart way to combine various data sets in order to help a retailer move beyond the location-based offer and into the personalized, real-time offer.  It is, effectively, inserting the missing link on true, omni-channel marketing to include the physical store. And that has to be good for both the retailer and its customer: more timely, relevant offers, when people want them.
Location, location, location may just work in the world of the estate agent, but for retail marketers, the future has to be personalization, personalization, personalization.