Posted 02nd February 2016 by APSIS

2016 trends summary – 8 intriguing articles from the marketing press

January has come and gone, and so the dust settles on the plethora of future-gazing blogs, comments, interviews and articles that tend to dominate the marketing press in the first month of each year.
Here are eight such articles that we think are worth a glance…
Taken from Econsultancy’s own Internet Statistics Compendium, this is an insightful set of predictions for marketers, looking both within their working environment and their chosen industry. Bosses leading by example and customer centricity are the key points here, with a focus on lifecycle marketing. Looks like the Customer Experience will continue to take centre stage this year.
This is a comprehensive and fascinating piece from Centaur Marketing’s President that covers a diverse range of topics, from Marchitecture through to digital transformation. It also touches on a common theme throughout all these articles which is that the word “digital” is fast becoming an anachronism.
See what I mean? Dave Chaffey’s post also questions the role of Digital and the continued emergence of both integration and Marketing Technologists.
At the time of writing, the in-page dynamic poll also suggests that marketing automation and content marketing will continue to have the greatest commercial impact this year, despite continual focus on display advertising and programmatic.
The technophiles among us will appreciate Marketing Week’s evaluation of trends in the sensory technology space. As well as the usual visual themes such as video and VR making an appearance, time is given to explore taste and smell, as well as 4D cinema.
In the moment marketing features regularly throughout these articles, perhaps most of all in Hubspot’s trends blog. Ephemeral marketing and real time dominate the customer experience-focused article, with references to virtual reality and the Internet of Things.
In seventh spot on the list, though, IoT remains an afterthought while marketers and brands work out how to best utilise and, ultimately, monetise it.
This article looks at emerging trends among ‘traditional digital’ channels such as mobile and video. Interesting also to note the mention of app indexing by Google, which it is predicted will lead to more app engagement. Not enough to usurp mobile optimised websites just yet, but a dent in the armour nonetheless.
In last year’s predictions, we suggested that marketers would need to get on board with four new Marketing Ps – Personalisation, Prediction, Profiles and Privacy. So how did we get on?
Certainly the increased focus on customer-centric marketing and ‘in the moment’ marketing would ratify the use of both customer profiles and personalisation. Privacy scandals, such as the Talk Talk customer data hack and the Ashley Madison website hack, also dominated the newspapers, demonstrating why privacy deserves a space in marketers’ priority lists.
Perhaps Predictive could be interchanged with “Programmatic”, which definitely came to the forefront last year. Predictive analytics still hasn’t been fully explored or utilised yet, but as technology improves, so adoption – you would think – will follow.
We also posted an article last month about how brands should leverage customer data moving forward, citing two articles that suggested data will be used to improve advertising, and that integration would be key.
To recap, as with any new year, new technologies are on the horizon, last year’s new technologies will continue their path to adoption or decline, and the customer experience looks set to stay front of mind for marketers. Look out for innovative ways of using video, the gradual move away from the increasingly superfluous word “Digital”, and ‘Integration’ taking priority in your ‘Marchitecture’.
This post was written by Martin Wallace.