Email Marketing as easy as ABC 

APSIS One empowers marketers to easily create lasting connections. 

  • All the marketing tools and support you need for growth — in one platform.  
  • Know your audience with smart, cross-channel insights and state-of-the-art segmentation. 
  • Available in 8 local languages, supporting the Nordics, Spanish, Dutch, French and English 
  • Launch AI-powered, branded campaigns that “wow”.  
  • Sit back and let Marketing Automation + AI drive your results. 


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What is APSIS One?  

The marketing tool you need to grow your business.

APSIS One includes everything you need to improve your marketing results, increase retention, and grow your business. We help you:

  • Email Marketing 
  • APSIS AI Assistant 
  • Marketing Automation 
  • SMS Marketing 
  • Website behaviour tracking
  • Webforms 
  • Event Management
  • Insights & Analytics 

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Who is APSIS One for? 

APSIS One includes everything you need to improve your marketing results, increase retention, and grow your business.  

  • Launch marketing campaigns through automation across all your channels. 
  • Gain easy access to advanced marketing techniques, without the learning curve. 
  • Power up your solution with native integrations. 
  • Ensure GDPR-compliance every step of the way.  
  • Engage with confidence, knowing your messages will reach their inbox. 



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The marketing tools you need to grow your business

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Rule the inbox with Email Marketing 

Create stunning emails with the flexible drag-and-drop editor and hit send with confidence, delivering warm-welcomed messages straight to their inbox.  

  • Build and re-use templates 
  • Seamlessly segment and adapt your emails 
  • Streamline your workflows 


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Let our AI Assistant create high-quality content for you 

Empower your creativity while putting hours back into your week. APSIS One’s AI Assistant is your dedicated writing assistant, ready to help you create and ideate impactful newsletters fast. 

  • Email Marketing-specialised AI  
  • Generate and optimise unique content 
  • Secure and compliant  
  • Multi-language capabilities 

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Drive relevance and boost your ROI with Marketing Automation 

Automatically tailor and send messages to your audience according to their behaviours and needs. APSIS One Marketing Automation boosts open and click-through rates up to 15x, all while saving you time. 

  • Target with precision 
  • Email & SMS automation 
  • Use pre-built automation flows 
  • Automate follow-ups 


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Amplify your impact with SMS 

Some customers prefer texts. Reach them where they are with targeted campaigns small to large. 

  • Personalise by name, location, and much more 
  • Offer easy opt-out 
  • Create integrated campaigns 


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Let the numbers talk!

APSIS One customers see up to...


happy customers worldwide

increased sales through automation

savings on advertising budget

resources saved with automation


Track, engage, and convert more Website visitors 

Turn your website into a customer data goldmine — pinpoint your visitors’ behaviour and interests to fuel more engaging messaging and conversions across your channels. 

  • Capture cookie consent 
  • Behavioural website tracking 
  • GDPR-compliant by design 


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Forms that make your customers convert 

Turn unknown website visitors into known subscribers with polished, easily-buildable landing pages and forms.  

  • GDPR-friendly forms  
  • Easy implementation 
  • Gain consent & opt-in 

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Bring branded Events to life 

Unlock seamless event management in APSIS One. Ensure brand consistency from event registration to communications, so you can drive your presence both online and off. 

  • Event planning   
  • Event registration  
  • Guest list management   
  • Event analytics 


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Fine-tune your strategy with Insights & Analytics 

Make sense of your data with a clear overview of customer insights and performance analytics. 

  • Performance dashboard 
  • Cross-channel insights 
  • Audience trends 


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“Not only does APSIS One take away the fuss of managing consent, GDPR compliance, and data security from us; we’re already seeing improved email results and deliverability with our subscribers!”

“The APSIS One Email tool will make it easier for us to create better emails, which increases the probability that our subscribers will open our emails, visit our site, and purchase our products.”

“The combination of APSIS One's efficient drag-and-drop tool and insightful customer overview allows us to create well-designed emails that increase open rates and member engagement.”

How does the APSIS One free trial work?

Just follow these steps: 

  1. Fill out the free trial form. Your 14-day trial will start right after submission. 
  2. Gain immediate access to our full range of tools and native integrations. 
  3. Take advantage of in-app onboarding to key scenarios. 
  4. Play around! We’re here to support your growth and will help you set up specific use cases as needed. 

Here are some important things you should take note: 

  • Your free trial can be extended in-app. 
  • GDPR and Deliverability: We’re a fully-EU provider, so all data stored is stored in the EU.  
  • Take advantage of the strongest deliverability rates on the market. 
  • Keep things branded: We understand brand consistency and won't interrupt your brand. 
  • APSIS One is available in 8 languages, with support in all Nordic languages. 
  • *The limit for email sending during trial is 2.000. 


Why choose APSIS One for small businesses?
  • APSIS One provides small businesses with a simple approach to advanced marketing and lead generation techniques. 
  • Grow efficiently with easy campaign launching and re-use.  
  • Cut down on time and resources spent by automating your repetitive tasks. 
  • Our strong deliverability ensures your emails reach where they’re supposed to go. 
  • We support your growth as you go — start small and scale!


Why choose APSIS One for larger businesses? 
  • APSIS One provides large companies with a highly-collaborative, easy-to-use tool, built to empower marketers with an easy starting point to advanced techniques. 
  • We ensure brand consistency, so you can keep strengthening your presence. 
  • No-regret platform — what you see is what you get, with no hidden costs. 
  • We’re an all-EU provider, with all data stored in the EU.  
  • We make sure your emails reach where and when you want them to go. We’ve honed leading deliverability rates with years of active focus.  
  • Get support in your local language and take advantage of in-house consultancy. 


Automate the customer journey and grow your business.