Posted 09th June 2021 by APSIS

Personalisation: Why it’s so important

Personalised email marketing is a really important tool in the fight to earn more revenue and to realise business growth, but you have to have the right systems in place to do so. That may seem like a battle, but it’s really not. This is why it’s so important to invest in the right marketing automation system that uses data in an intelligent way to create recommendations and personalisations that blow away existing customers and recruit new ones at the drop of a hat. Click here to read the blog and have your mind changed for the better!
Posted 11th May 2021 by APSIS

What content marketing will look like in five years

The content marketing landscape shifted immeasurably during the last 12 months and ushered in a new age for digital marketers. Whole populations moved their commercial activity online, and business has had to respond to that or face the prospect of falling behind their rivals. That shift has created a need to collect data faster and more efficiently than in the past, but that’s also been coupled with a need to respect privacy while transitioning to a more mobile-focused business model. What will all this mean for B2B content marketing in the next five years? Check out this blog post to arm yourself with information.
Posted 14th April 2021 by APSIS

5 tips for outstanding B2B newsletters

Build relationships with existing customers, show prospective customers why they should give you their money and improve engagement with your brand: there are heaps of reasons why B2B companies should take their newsletter seriously. Putting time and effort into creating the perfect B2B marketing newsletter might seem like a daunting task, but the right newsletter tool can unlock the whole process! That’s why you should click here, read our five outstanding tips to help you create the perfect B2B newsletter and pick up a free trial along the way!
Posted 23rd March 2021 by APSIS

5 ways to maximise the value of a great customer experience

Providing a great customer experience is an essential part of business, but you can do more than that. You can maximise on the value of having a team full of happy campers - and this is how. Click on the link to read about five ways to maximise the value of a great customer experience!