Posted 09th June 2021 by APSIS

How to write the perfect reminder email

Reminder emails can be tricky things to get right, but they’re super important because they can really make a difference to your members and your business. They’re awesome for things like events, but you also need to make sure that you manage to write the perfect subject line to keep your members engaged and that all-important open rate high. However, it does take a little bit of technology and some fairy dust to get them right. Click on this blog to read how to write the perfect reminder email, and see some other hints and tips to make sure it really hits the nail on the head.
Posted 09th June 2021 by APSIS

Personalisation: Why it’s so important

Personalised email marketing is a really important tool in the fight to earn more revenue and to realise business growth, but you have to have the right systems in place to do so. That may seem like a battle, but it’s really not. This is why it’s so important to invest in the right marketing automation system that uses data in an intelligent way to create recommendations and personalisations that blow away existing customers and recruit new ones at the drop of a hat. Click here to read the blog and have your mind changed for the better!
Posted 09th June 2021 by APSIS

Increase your reach: How to improve your email deliverability with double opt-in

There’s nothing more frustrating than working hard on a great email campaign but watching the open rate plummet due to poor deliverability. This can happen for a number of reasons, and it’s really important to understand why so that it doesn’t happen again. Really basic things like using a double opt-in, proper data collection and the use of a smart marketing automation platform make a huge difference to results - and at the end of the day, this is a results business. So click here to learn how to use data, profiles, segments and all the related wizardry of email marketing to create campaigns that increase reach and improve sender reputation while reducing instances of your emails being marked as spam.
Posted 09th June 2021 by APSIS

Are you making the most of your product recommendations?

If there’s one thing that can take you from zero to hero, it’s making the most of product recommendations and browse abandonment emails. Businesses lose handfuls of cash each year because they don’t make the most of this handy tool and they can’t claw back money ghosted away because of cart abandonment. But knowing how to make the most of this can be tricky. For a start, you need the right marketing automation platform and then you need the right tools to make it all work. So click here to read all about marketing automation flows, how to collect the right data and how to maximise product recommendations so you can boost revenue!
Posted 11th May 2021 by APSIS

What content marketing will look like in five years

The content marketing landscape shifted immeasurably during the last 12 months and ushered in a new age for digital marketers. Whole populations moved their commercial activity online, and business has had to respond to that or face the prospect of falling behind their rivals. That shift has created a need to collect data faster and more efficiently than in the past, but that’s also been coupled with a need to respect privacy while transitioning to a more mobile-focused business model. What will all this mean for B2B content marketing in the next five years? Check out this blog post to arm yourself with information.
Posted 11th May 2021 by APSIS

Successful ingredients for welcome newsletters

Everyone does email marketing, but do they do it well? Having a clear and coherent strategy, aligned with powerful marketing automation tools, can really make the difference when it comes to earning new customers and keeping old ones engaged. Simple things like the welcome newsletter can make a massive difference, but this is something that can drift along if there isn’t enough though, care and attention placed on them. It takes a few successful ingredients to make them work properly, so read this blog post to read our top tips and use them to supercharge your welcome flows!
Posted 11th May 2021 by APSIS

Consumer lifecycle marketing - how to get it right

Consumer lifecycle marketing, what’s that all about? It’s the way smart businesses provide personalised and relevant communications to customers, and potential customers, at each stage of their purchase journey. It can help improve customer experience and remove pesky pain points like a lack of customer loyalty, inefficiencies in your marketing campaign and impersonal customer communications. Marketing automation tools like APSIS One’s 360 view can provide a neat overview of how customers are behaving across marketing channels, while users can create intelligent segments to help target their messaging at the most relevant people. Want to learn more? Read our blog and then download our free planning template for marketing and retail!
Posted 15th April 2021 by APSIS

Are your emails reaching your subscribers? Here's how to improve email deliverability

There’s no point spending ages crafting the perfect message if nobody is going to read it, and the same applies to your email campaigns! If you can’t get eyeballs on your content, you’ve wasted your time. That might sound harsh, but it’s true. Having good email deliverability is a crucial component in the battle to run successful marketing campaigns, but some marketing platforms just don’t cut the mustard. Luckily, APSIS One has your back. We’re a digital marketing company that takes pride in knowing how to improve email deliverability, so read the blog to learn all our worst-kept secrets.
Posted 15th April 2021 by APSIS

How to start Marketing Automation for E-Commerce

Concepts like abandoned cart recovery, welcome-flows and customer journeys might seem like big-sky thinking, but when you break them down into their small parts you can really begin to see how they can add value to a business - but only if they’re set up correctly using the right marketing automation platform. How does that all sound? Pretty good, right. Marketing automation can seem or sound like a big scary idea, but it’s something that you can just plug in and forget about while it whirls around in the background, delivering value and putting smiles on faces. But what’s the next step? Read this blog to give yourself a clearer understanding of what we’re talking about!
Posted 14th April 2021 by APSIS

Personalise your customer experience - make your members feel special

Make your members feel special, happy and content with your offering by using personalisation to supplement your traditional business practice. These techniques don’t have to cost the world, and they don’t need to take up too much of your time - because someone has to make sure the money keeps on coming in, right? A personalised customer experience can make your members feel special, improve how they perceive your product and might even induce them to spend more money in the future. These concepts can be a bit blue-sky thinking, but they’re super realistic! Step inside the APSIS world to find out how now!