Posted 09th June 2021 by APSIS

Are you making the most of your product recommendations?

If there’s one thing that can take you from zero to hero, it’s making the most of product recommendations and browse abandonment emails. Businesses lose handfuls of cash each year because they don’t make the most of this handy tool and they can’t claw back money ghosted away because of cart abandonment. But knowing how to make the most of this can be tricky. For a start, you need the right marketing automation platform and then you need the right tools to make it all work. So click here to read all about marketing automation flows, how to collect the right data and how to maximise product recommendations so you can boost revenue!
Posted 11th May 2021 by APSIS

Consumer lifecycle marketing - how to get it right

Consumer lifecycle marketing, what’s that all about? It’s the way smart businesses provide personalised and relevant communications to customers, and potential customers, at each stage of their purchase journey. It can help improve customer experience and remove pesky pain points like a lack of customer loyalty, inefficiencies in your marketing campaign and impersonal customer communications. Marketing automation tools like APSIS One’s 360 view can provide a neat overview of how customers are behaving across marketing channels, while users can create intelligent segments to help target their messaging at the most relevant people. Want to learn more? Read our blog and then download our free planning template for marketing and retail!
Posted 15th April 2021 by APSIS

How to start Marketing Automation for E-Commerce

Concepts like abandoned cart recovery, welcome-flows and customer journeys might seem like big-sky thinking, but when you break them down into their small parts you can really begin to see how they can add value to a business - but only if they’re set up correctly using the right marketing automation platform. How does that all sound? Pretty good, right. Marketing automation can seem or sound like a big scary idea, but it’s something that you can just plug in and forget about while it whirls around in the background, delivering value and putting smiles on faces. But what’s the next step? Read this blog to give yourself a clearer understanding of what we’re talking about!
Posted 23rd February 2021 by APSIS

What your business can gain from using a marketing software

The benefits of marketing software are numerous and potentially lucrative, but some businesses still don’t see what all the fuss is about. Here’s what you can gain by using marketing software - read it, and let us help you change your mind.
Posted 22nd January 2021 by APSIS

How To Use Abandoned Shopping Cart Email To Win Back Shoppers

2020 has been a tough year for retail, but that doesn’t mean you should stop looking for an edge over your competition. Here are some successful data-driven strategies that you can use to win back your shoppers!
Posted 20th October 2020 by APSIS

How To Turn One-off Black Friday Sales Into Repeat Purchases

Black Friday has become a prime opportunity for business to break records and attract new customers. But how can you leverage the engagement from first-time shoppers and turn them into returning customers? Check out this blog!
Posted 18th March 2020 by Olga Dufvenberg

6 Reasons Why Customers Might Not Buy From You

Today’s consumers base their purchase decisions on how they experience your brand, rather than on how much money they need to spend. To help you engage your picky customers – we’ve gathered 6 reasons why they don’t shop from you, and how you can turn it around!
Posted 15th March 2018 by APSIS

6 Tips to Ace Your Product Recommendations

Want to seize more sales? We’ll walk you through 6 tips on how personalised product recommendations can skyrocket your conversions and revenues.