Apsis new logo 2021

APSIS launch exciting new branding and website

At APSIS we have made it our mission to always stand out from the crowd. This comes across in the product we supply to the market, the service we provide our customers and the way we seek to present ourselves as a company.

2020 was a successful year for APSIS, even in the face of the implications and restrictions brought about throughout the year as a result of the global pandemic. We were still able to close the year with a 320% growth, showing the strength of APSIS One and our top-quality customer service. 

Going forward into 2021 and beyond we aim to build on that success and continue to deliver in our goals and expectations. With this in mind we are excited to share the news of both our full rebranding and our new website, bringing with it a fresh sense of excitement and purpose as we continue to grow APSIS as the Nordic market-leading provider of digital marketing solutions.

Emma Dyga CEO at Apsis

APSIS CEO, Emma Dyga, looks forward to the future and explains the thinking behind the changes:

“We felt the time was right for a refreshing new look, one that matches us, our beliefs and our ambitions as an organisation. We pride ourselves on being an approachable, warm and open company and this new branding completely embodies that.”

Along with the new rebranding, the APSIS website has also received a brand new redevelopment to bring it in line with the new branding and to create a smoother user experience. 

“We weren’t content to just change our look. We also wanted to create an attractive and more functional new website that allows our current and prospective customers a better opportunity to easily see the full range of everything APSIS and APSIS One can offer, and how we can help them with their digital marketing needs.” 

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Niklas Jakobsson, Head of Marketing at APSIS, elaborates:   

We wanted to bring our website and brand into 2021 and in line with our state-of-the-art platform. We wanted to capitalise on the success we shared last year, and we feel this new branding and website is a step in the right direction as we seek to make 2021 a more successful year for APSIS and our customers.”

“What is really outstanding is the team effort behind our new website and branding. We’ve leveraged some amazingly talented people within our organisation to create and realise this vision. This is an outstanding effort and a true testament to the knowledge and skills of the team here at APSIS.”


For further information:

Niklas Jakobsson, Head of Commercial Operations & Marketing
+46 700 31 70 44