Customer Case: Götenehus

Götenehus effortlessly achieves their marketing goals with APSIS One

As one of the major players in the housing industry in Sweden, Götenehus, leads with the motto “built in care”. Their philosophy is that a new house becomes part of a whole together with the environment, surrounding area, garden, interior design, and above all - the family that lives there. Therefore they provide personalised, architect-designed villas, holiday homes, as well as group-built single and multi-family homes. They build with a quality that exceeds expectations. Götenehus uses APSIS One so that their digital marketing efforts can live up to those same high standards. 

APSIS One eases the challenges of digital marketing with its powerful tools and capabilities 

Götenehus regularly sends out newsletters to keep their customers informed and up to date on different development projects. To ensure that their customers will receive messages personalised to them, Götenehus utilises the powerful segmentation capabilities of APSIS One. This allows them to stand out and be heard in comparison to their competitors. Their main customer segments focus on two major business areas - villas and holiday homes, and the production of new housing projects.

“With villas and holiday homes, we regularly send out newsletters about new housing series, house tours, or promotional offers. Within the housing project business area, newsletters are sent to those customers who have registered their interest in a certain new construction project.”

APSIS One is an all-in-One marketing platform that puts the power of data in the hands of the marketer. With native tools such as Forms, Marketing Automation, and segmentation capabilities, the platform gives Götenehus the ability to target and personalise for varying audiences while keeping their customers’ updated easily and efficiently.

The APSIS One Forms tool makes it simple to create beautiful and effective forms where you can have your website visitors register their interest in particular topics. For instance, this is a great way for interested parties to give their consent and be added to topic lists, such as for a newsletter or catalogue sign-up.

For example, if there are customers who are interested in continuous information on a long term housing development, APSIS One’s Marketing Automation tool can help keep them updated throughout the entire project journey. That’s the next step for Götenehus, creating automated flows so their customers never miss a beat.

“The customer will then receive ongoing information about sales start, ground showing and how the project is progressing, etc.”

Marketing Automation is about automating those time-consuming, repetitive tasks that all marketers have on their plates. With APSIS One’s automated lifecycle marketing, you can plan every stage of the customer journey. From welcome messages to automated lead nurturing, and also re-engagement campaigns. This will allow Götenehus to painlessly construct long-term and profitable relationships with their customers. 



“Everything is moving so fast in society today and it is important to stand out and be heard in all the noise. Getting the attention of our potential customers is a challenge in itself.”


APSIS One makes it simple and easy to achieve your marketing goals

Since upgrading from APSIS Pro to APSIS One, the Götenehus marketing team has raved about the easier to use interface, added features, and the ability to better customise their newsletter layout with text and images. 

“Everything is easier when you make a newsletter in APSIS One than in APSIS Pro.”

-Götenehus Marketing Team

One of those features is the Email Editor, which allows users to create templates. Best of all, it’s simple, and you can reuse or customise your saved templates for future campaigns. Therefore saving time, and effortlessly maintaining brand identity and feel. Additionally, APSIS One offers users an image gallery, where users easily can upload and access their own pictures.

APSIS One has improved the overall productivity of the Götenehus marketing team by cutting out manual inefficiencies, consequently helping them work smarter towards achieving their goals. Götenehus marketing team’s primary goal is to keep their customers and stakeholders continuously updated on new production projects, which they mainly accomplish through newsletters. This extends into the aim of having more customers viewing and ordering catalogues. With APSIS One they can better measure this type of information, and follow-up, illuminating more qualified sales leads. 

Do you have similar digital marketing goals as Götenehus?