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As a provider of scalable and personalised digital marketing solutions to more than 3600 customers, our partner programme makes it possible for companies to connect to our ecosystem of market-leading technologies and services. Want to be a part of our community?

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Partnership Types


Agency Partner

An Agency partner typically offers consultancy and value adding services such as digital strategy, customer experience, data-driven marketing, e-commerce, marketing automation or email marketing. Help your clients business grow using APSIS One.

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Technology Partner

This partnership type typically suits Independent Software Vendors, technical consultancies or platform providers within the field such as; CRM, E-commerce, CMS and so on... Connect your platforms to create a holistic customer view.

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Affiliate Partner

Affiliate partner is a great match for marketers, business owners or content creators who would like to refer our all-in One marketing platform APSIS One to their great network of clients. More referrals, more commissions.

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Anna Ekstrand from APSIS partner Accigio
Anders Cederblad, from Ngine an APSIS partner.
Anders Dyre, Siteshop

"In our work at KYNETIC it is crucial to effectively analyse and understand the customer journey across multiple channels and thus to centralise data. Not only to obtain leading results but also to decrease noise and friction from top- to low-funnel. In order to do so advanced and accessible technology is key and Apsis delivers exactly that. A platform that enables ambitious businesses to seamlessly work with intelligent marketing automation across channels through data centralisation that go beyond your traditional email campaigns" 

“ As an Apsis partner we are excited to follow the Apsis One journey and see the potential it can bring to our customers! It’s an impressive platform with many great features that can truly make our customers relevant on the market and to their customers.“

“As an APSIS Partner, we’ve seen an increasing value of a platform like APSIS One for the coming year. It’s an all-in-one MarTech stack that will help our clients deliver more value with less tools; if the customer is fire, APSIS One is the gasoline, and Ngine is the speed!”

“ APSIS One is this amazing all-in-one but still easy-to-use marketing platform that easily lets companies imagine and execute professional looking campaigns. But to us the real magic begins when combining APSIS One with CRM. It adds so much value - to both systems actually - and marketers will get more detailed knowledge about customers and in return send better leads back to sales.“

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What partners love about the programme

As a member of our programme, you are eligible for a range of resources, trainings and activities.

Technical support

What partners love about the programme

As a member of our programme, you are eligible for a range of resources, trainings and activities.

A dedicated point of contact

Your Partner Sales Manager (PSM) acts as your gateway to APSIS’ organisation and resources. The PSM gives you access to appropriate levels within APSIS’ commercial organisation.

  • Ensuring mutual success
  • Liaison between APSIS and the partner
  • Access to APSIS’ commercial organisation

Boost your clients’ efficiency

Enable your clients to grow faster by maximising the benefits of the APSIS platform. Get support, advice and help from team of technical support and email delivery experts.

  • APSIS Support
  • APSIS Delivery
  • Partner sales team

Lead your clients on the path to success

Ensure that your clients implement and use our solutions according to best practice. Our implementation and consultancy teams are able to provide you with appropriate services for APSIS ecosystem.

  • APSIS Professional Services
  • Ensure best practice
  • Successful implementation

Create pitches that win

Our partner organisation provides a variety of sales enablement tools, such as guides, video case-studies, and more. We make sure that you have the right material for any type of sales cycle.

  • Instructional material
  • Inspirational content
  • Product information

Put your brand on display

Grow your network and expand your brand’s reach by taking part in our events, channels and touchpoints. We offer sponsorship and joint campaigns with selected partners.

  • Joint success stories
  • Event marketing
  • Website listing