Stop relying on hunches. Start selling smarter. 

Make your marketing insights a natural part of the sales conversation. 

Get a comprehensive picture of your customers, their behaviours, history, and more. Then, integrate webCRM with APSIS One to turn that data into actionable insights. 

Apsis and webcrm integration

Elevate the customer experience 

Syncing webCRM to APSIS One makes it possible to drive frictionless engagement across all touchpoints- This makes it possible to bridge the gaps between your online and offline channels to create seamless customer experiences. 

Let APSIS One and webCRM do the work for you 

Replace the time spent on admin tasks with nurturing customer relationships. Work smarter with our features for personalisation, analysis, and targeted communications across both solutions. 

Why integrate APSIS One and webCRM?

Adapt your marketing and win deals faster

Identifying the right prospects becomes less complex, and Sales and Marketing are empowered with the right insights. Driving prospects down the sales funnel with relevant marketing messages has never been easier. 


Learn what your customers like, and how they engage with you

Stop guessing who a prospect is—sync webCRM to APSIS One to reveal more of their interests. Craft a holistic persona, adapt content from your campaigns to improve the customer experience, and ultimately, convert visitors into paying customers. 





Leave data silos and inconsistent journeys behind

Unlock a smarter way to conduct business, get a 360° view of all customers, and allow for end-to-end accountability. Getting access to up-to-date contact information is your first step to making a positive impact on the customer journey. 






Get more out of your sales and marketing efforts 

What versions of webCRM are compatible with APSIS One? Which features are supported? Find out by reaching out to our Integrations specialists.  


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