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Marketing Automation

How APSIS One will help you reach your goals

APSIS One is the easy-to-use marketing platform for advanced personalisation with native tools for Marketing Automation, Email, SMS, website tracking – and more. With this smooth all-in-One solution, you can:

  • Segment your audience from multiple data points
  • Personalise your emails to cater to each and every customer
  • Automate to stay relevant, increase conversions and save time
  • Track website behaviour to infuse your marketing with web data
  • Get started quickly.

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APSIS One gives us the possibility to create automated customer journeys to a larger extent than was previously possible. We also have the opportunity to create an omnichannel experience where we can adapt our communication based on different goals and consumer behaviours.

We want to make full use of the customer data generated from our ticket systems, website and other sources. By moving to APSIS One, we will be able to easily target audience segments with relevant content and attract a bigger crowd to our film screenings.

We aspire to meet our customers at the right stage in the customer journey. The combination of customer insights, website tracking and flows for marketing automation enables us to become more relevant and connect with both existing and prospective customers.

We chose APSIS One because we wanted to improve the quality of our customer communications and work more efficiently.


Apsis One: Results

Let’s back up our claims with proof and results.  With APSIS One, you can see up to:

20 %
of your lost sales recovered
30 %
increase in customer/membership retention
50 %
saved resources saved through automation
25 %
advertising budget saved
400 %
increased sales through automated emails instead of bulk
100 %
reduced implementation cost