Connect your Magento store to APSIS One. Better understand and engage your audience across all customer channels.

Through Integration, Segmentation, Personalisation and Automation you can optimise the shopper experience, win back time to better spend focusing on more demanding tasks and save yourself money in the process.



APSIS One for Magento Commerce

Whether you are a small to medium ecommerce store, or a major online retailer, APSIS One can add value to your Magento ecommerce platform in a range of ways.

Speed up your work, increase your sales and maximise your customer potential. Sync your Magento store with APSIS One, and you can expect:

  • Leverage data from Magento and turn it into personalised offers and product recommendations
  • Enriched APSIS One profiles with data about spending habits, basket size, and more
  • Send personalised recommendations to entice customers back
  • Make it easier to win back lost and abandoned carts


Connect data to elevate your online store


Gain back your time with automations


Increase your sales with Apsis + Magento


Connecting data sources can elevate your online store to the next level

Unifying Magento data with your profiles from APSIS One creates a shared view of behavioural interactions and detailed online sales data. Know exactly who is visiting your site, which pages they browse, what emails they open, what they add to their cart, and what products they buy. Get a clearer picture of who your customers are, and how to best communicate with them.

  • Fuel your segment strategy by connecting all your customer data into APSIS One
  • Gain a more effective reach of your customers through more relevant and precise offers
  • Turn unknown visitors into customer profiles, by merging data from all marketing channels
  • Build longer lasting relationships by understanding customer buying affinity and wants

Gain more time. Automate everyday tasks.

Use APSIS One with your Magento Commerce to customise and automate your everyday tasks. Utilise behaviours for more effective welcome flows, and transform data into personalised product recommendation flows. 

Automate across all customer contact points, such as SMS and email and free up more time so you can continue providing quality service elsewhere.

  • More advanced cart abandonment flows with customised content and journeys 
  • Highly personalised welcome emails based on pre-sign-up behaviour
  • Connect triggers for automated send-outs 
  • Engage your customers with greater flow customisation

Getting Personal is key

Personalisation is a simple, yet often overlooked tool when it comes to building your ecommerce brand. Customers want to feel welcome and valued and trying to ensure every customer gets the personal treatment they deserve can seem overwhelming. This is where APSIS One can help. 

Gain an edge over your competitors, sync to create and personalise content that appeals to your customers.

  • Build up customer loyalty and increase repeat customer business
  • Increased conversions and stronger ROI
  • Nurture customer relationships with your brand

Integrate for maximum efficiency

Integration between Magento Commerce and APSIS One is the most simple and effective way to ensure your business can truly gain the benefits from both platforms. By combining the features both have to offer, you will be able to maximise and optimise the full customer journey, from first contact to repeat customer. 

Gain greater and more effective customer insights and build deeper, lasting relationships.

  • Increase customer reach
  • Streamline your data collection
  • Manage consent and opt-in lists for multiple channels
  • Quick and seamless integration to save time and money

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