Posted 14th October 2021 by APSIS

How to activate brand loyalty in your subscribers

Inspiring brand loyalty isn’t a new concept - in fact, it’s been around since the 1980s. Just because it’s an old idea doesn’t mean it’s any less important. The advance of marketing technology means subscription firms can inspire customers to become loyal brand advocates through intelligent loyalty marketing that pushes their brand story. Knowing where to start can be tricky, which is why we’ve created this blog post that goes over some of the finer details, walks you through some frequently asked questions and details which pain points can be solved via the implementation of some data-driven marketing.
Posted 14th October 2021 by APSIS

How data-driven email marketing can elevate your business

Businesses collect a huge amount of data about customers and prospects all the time, but rather than use it to benefit them, companies can end up sitting on huge amounts of siloed information. To get the most out of email marketing campaigns, B2B operators should look to use data to remove frustrating pain points and create a virtuous cycle of increased revenue flows. Here’s how data-driven email marketing can benefit your business. Click on the link to find out how you can make the most of all that information you collect!
Posted 14th October 2021 by APSIS

Improve your campaigns with visual marketing

Everyone wants to engage their customer base in the most effective way - which is where visual marketing comes into play. I have good news for you lovely people in the experience industry - the type of business you run lends itself perfectly to creating compelling, engaging visuals. That might seem easy to say but difficult to execute, but thanks to things like creative emails or easy email templates, you can get ahead of your competition with just a few clicks. Here’s how you can use visual marketing in your efforts to boost engagement, reach and bookings! Get stuck in by clicking this link.
Posted 14th October 2021 by APSIS

Why website personalisation is so important for your membership organisation

Website personalisation is all the rage, and there’s no reason why you should be ignoring it. Membership organisations should consider this as part of their overall content package as they try to fix issues such as loss of engagement or loyalty, the struggle to find new members, a loss in members or more. Collecting data can help you understand your audience to great effect, which will lead to better email solutions and great outcomes - and there’s the thing: people love personalisation and your members will too! Click here to read more about this brilliant strategy, and get your hands on some first-class resources.
Posted 14th October 2021 by APSIS

Make the most of holiday campaigns with marketing automation

Holiday time means all hands on deck for so many businesses across the world. For some, it can really make the difference between a great year and a good one - all that extra spending has to go somewhere! But how do you make the most of those holiday campaigns? Well, one way to turbocharge those marketing promotions is via marketing automation, clever SMS campaigns and drip flows that match the purchasing cadence of prospective customers. Check out how to maximise your holiday sales and make the most of shopping behaviors over these periods. Sound good? Great.
Posted 11th October 2021 by APSIS

The Journey of an Email

Do you know how many stops your email sending has on the road to your reader's inbox? Check out our infographic to learn more!
Posted 24th September 2021 by Euphilena Goh

What is Electronic Direct Mail Marketing (EDM Marketing)?

EDM Marketing is still a fuzzy word in the digital world. You are most likely to have heard the term during your conversations with fellow marketers and are curious to find what it is all about. 

Using Email direct marketing will take your marketing strategy to the next level. Whether you are just starting off or just heard of what EDM marketing is, we will take an in-depth look into EDM Marketing, its benefits over email marketing and its use cases.

Posted 17th September 2021 by APSIS

Marketing hacks that'll unlock your campaigns

Marketing is more than just sending out blanket coverage of the same event or blog post to your whole audience and hoping something sticks. Following that pattern is going to lead to a path of frustrating, low return on investment and stagnating subscription numbers. But luckily APSIS One is here to help. From marketing automation to the latest marketing trends, we’ve put together some ways that you can take campaigns to the next level as you aim to finish the year on a high. So click here to read about this year’s best marketing hacks and be prepared to take your subscription business to the next level!
Posted 17th September 2021 by APSIS

Prospecting emails: How to create a successful campaign

Cold calls and cold emails can be a really daunting prospect for a lot of businesses. The thought of sending out hundreds of little bits of communication without response can be haunting, however there is a way to success. For example, you can bulk send emails via a marketing automation - which can be a fine way to kickstart a successful prospecting email. Once you get those emails out there, you’ll need to sift through and analyse the data to learn how to do better in the next round, and then create actions from those insights. As you can see, prospecting emails has more than one strand that you need to get right - good job you’ve come to the right place!
Posted 17th September 2021 by APSIS

Calling all email Marketers: Here’s how RSS campaigns can help you

Creating crafty content is all well and good, but people still need to find it. Lives are busy and non-priority items can be forgotten, so you need to take your content directly to the people. RSS campaigns can help you send your best stuff straight into the inboxes of those who’ve signed up to read it. When you add a little splash of marketing automation to the mix and some dynamic content marketing, you’ll be able to hit different profiles at different times, without doing any of the hard work yourself. To find out the secrets within, read this blog post to see why you must think about running RSS campaigns!