Build your own personal Content Calendar in 3 steps

Get your passports ready! We are taking you on an adventure around the globe for an exploration of some of the marketing world’s most important happenings—with an added touch of personalisation because there is no one-size-fits-all approach for content marketing!

But before we take you on the world tour, fill out the trip planner below so we can personalise the perfect Content Marketing Calendar 2021/2022 for you!

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To build your personalised Calendar, tell us which industry matches yours:

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What’s your go-to marketing channel?

You’re in luck! The calendar is filled with solutions using Email and Marketing Automation!

SMS is a great way to personalise. Learn all the ways you can add SMS to your marketing strategy!

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What kind of marketer are you?

We have plenty of ideas for you! 12 big campaign ideas to be exact. 1 major use case each calendar month to help you kick start your campaigns!

There’s 24 handy digital marketing tactics to help you fine-tune a great campaign into a perfect one! Tie up loose ends and put the finishing touches on your campaigns!