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APSIS closes 2020 with 320% growth on all-in-One marketing platform APSIS One

Nordic SaaS company APSIS has closed 2020 with 320% growth on its all-in-One marketing platform APSIS One. Following its launch in February 2019, APSIS One has seen a rapid growth curve and APSIS now maintains two of the five largest Nordic-based digital marketing platforms.

APSIS One is an all-in-One marketing platform with powerful segmentation and personalisation capabilities. With a strong focus on ease of use, connecting multiple platforms and leveraging your data to create personalized marketing at scale, APSIS One is a platform by marketers, for marketers. 

Following steady growth through its first year, APSIS One saw a significantly increased growth curve in the second half of 2020, despite the global impact of Coronavirus.

Emma Dyga

CEO Emma Dyga believes the increased growth was due to a variety of factors:

"APSIS One has the ability to generate measurable value for companies and organisations even through these trying times. The power of automation also allows struggling businesses to be more efficient and continue providing services and products despite reduced income.”

Although APSIS didn’t see a significant drop in customers choosing APSIS One in the early parts of 2020, the increased pace following the summer truly stands out. “We made an effort to continue developing APSIS One despite Corona. We are really seeing the payoff from that now as our constantly maturing product is solidifying itself as the go-to product for digital marketers in the Nordics”, says Emma Dyga.

With close to 100 customers joining the platform every month, engaging and onboarding new customers is key for the continued success and growth of APSIS One. Chief Commercial Officer (CCO) Jakob Lunøe highlights this as a key focus for APSIS: 

It’s one thing marketing and selling a platform, it’s another thing getting customers up and running and seeing the immense value APSIS One can create. That’s why each new customer gets a dedicated Engagement Consultant to take them through their first steps with the platform and ensure they maximise the value of APSIS One.”

APSIS has offices in Sweden, Norway, Finland, Denmark, Benelux, Hong Kong and Singapore, servicing nearly 3000 customers in 50+ countries. APSIS One is a cloud-based platform built using the latest technology. It offers native tools for email and sms marketing, marketing automation and the ability to track website interactions to enrich your data. Combined with native integrations to systems such as Microsoft Dynamics CRM, Magento, Episerver and Sitecore, APSIS One offers marketers the ability to track, market and measure across multiple digital touch points. 

Audience APSIS One Marketing platform

Chief Product Officer (CPO) Jonas Bertelsen is excited about the future possibilities of APSIS One:

"APSIS One is a constantly maturing and evolving all-in-One marketing platform. We’ve only begun to scratch the surface of its potential as we add more channels, integrations and features to simplify the lives of marketers. Our aim is to provide the essential tools for all digital marketers in a single platform, fully integrated and with the power to personalise at scale.”

With an impressive 2020 now over, Emma Dyga doesn’t see any signs of things slowing down:

“We’ve invested heavily in our platform and organisation and see an increasing interest across our core markets but also across Europe. APSIS One offers marketers the ability to be up and running with a sophisticated and powerful marketing platform in days or weeks. In today’s challenging times, time to market for any investment is key. That’s why we will continue investing in a platform that’s easy to onboard, easy to use and easy to grow with.”

Since its inception in 2001, APSIS has grown to become the Nordic market-leading provider of digital marketing solutions, employing over 250 people in nine countries. Whether in email marketing, marketing automation or lead management, our experts combine technology with experience to guarantee you the perfectly personalised solution your business deserves. In 2019, APSIS launched APSIS One, an all-in-One marketing platform with the essential tools for any digital marketer.

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