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Create a memorable experience for your members using these content marketing examples

How to create a memorable experience for your members

Content marketing is an awesome way to connect with people and make them relate to your brand. However, it can be a tricky beast to slay.

Coming up with exciting ideas, nailing that perfect intro and crafting fluid content that engages with members is difficult, but the payoff that comes with it is worth the effort. The best content marketing examples combine all facets and deliver something that members want to read.

Having a powerful strategy will help to provide members with a good experience. Your members are more likely to interact with you, feel more aligned with your objectives, and provide good feedback to their mates if you have a clear strategy in mind.

Let us share our most useful content marketing examples with you

It’s easy to focus on quantity over quality. We’ve all got deadlines to hit, newsletters to fill, and emails to send; these are all strategies that should be employed to grow a membership base.

Want to learn how to grow a membership base by generating quality leads? Step this way, my friend.

However, content marketing requires a little more tact. You need a hand as deft as a Las Vegas magician, except we’ll not be pulling rabbits out of hats or coins from behind ears, oh no. We’ll be manipulating smiles out of frowns and creating a memorable experience for your members.


This type of content needs to have a clear strategy. It needs to be focused and it needs to be mindful about process and strategy.

But before that, you need to have a streamlined process that eliminates information silos and gets the whole team on board.

Streamline your whole process

No successful modern business should have information silos. No marketing and sales team should be at the wrong end of the stick. Teams and departments are so intertwined that not sharing data is madness.

Silos are the barriers that lead to information being choked, and therefore not getting to the right people at the right time.

Content teams move fast and don’t have time to sit, think and analyse. Deadlines take priority and the next piece is churned out. You need to re-evaluate this journey and make sure everyone who works in a content-related field uses the same tools.


This will help all teams involved in the content journey make unified decisions, share the workload and lead to better content and a better member experience. Copywriters don’t want to create rubbish, rushed work and members definitely don’t want to read the same stale newsletters or articles time and time again.

Invest in tools that remove data silos, consolidate your cross-platform data into one and create a workflow that really works.

Content marketing examples

Content marketing doesn’t stop at blogs and newsletters. It also includes less formal methods of communication, such as social media. Every single interaction you have with your audience should be geared towards providing them with an awesome experience.

Giving your members value for money is important here, and one of the ways you can do that is by creating content that shows them you’ll go above and beyond to help. In a social media context, that means you need to make sure that you reply to comments, follow back some of the best members, and interact with them using a friendly tone that shows some personality.

This should help create a brilliant experience for members, and ensure trust and loyalty are built up over time.

Good social media content will also give members the chance to leave comments and start a conversation with you, so be open, warm, and friendly.

Social media is great at adding value

Some good ideas for improving your members' experience are: 

  • Use live videos

Your members are with you because you’ve got something to offer them, right? So share some of your secrets and knowledge with them, and by doing that, you will enhance their experience. 

If you’re a gym, why not run a weekly fitness class over Instagram live? If you sell beers, how about a Facebook Live seminar with a master brewer? These little things show you really care about your customers and will help to build a sense of loyalty and a connection with your brand.

  • Run fun competitions

People love prizes! There’s no getting around it, so give your members something to remember by running social media competitions. This is your chance to give back to your community while boosting engagement. 

  • Share informative articles

There is a mountain of information on the internet, so use it! Don’t be afraid to share articles that your members would enjoy on your platform. This is a good tactic because it can be used to create an authentic, authoritative voice for your brand and give members some useful information. Using external links within your articles can also be good for SEO, while sharing other brands’ pieces can be a fine way to build a positive relationship between you and other businesses.

Write with authority

One thing that will provide value for members and ensure they have the best experience possible is authoritative content. Whatever your business, make sure you provide an additional service to members by running content that is knowledgeable and useful.

Referring back to those social media examples, get your best personal trainer to write a few pieces on health and fitness, or ask that brewer to craft a guide to the best craft beers available now. Your members will look to you to provide authority and some expert help with a particular issue, so make sure you provide that in more than one way.

Even consider chucking in a few guest appearances from known figures of authority from within your industry. Make sure your members feel like they’re getting real value for money!

Email marketing and marketing automation

Email marketing is a really important tool in the arsenal for brands and marketers everywhere. Each time you send out an email, you have the chance to build a connection with one of your members and provide value to them.

Combining this with marketing automation will allow you to create personalised messaging for each member and save money by targeting the right people at the right time.

Create memorable experiences

We’ve seen that creating memorable experiences can be done using a number of different tools and tactics - and it doesn’t just involve lots of writing!

We’ve explored some pretty useful content marketing examples such as social media and authoritative guest blogs, while a good ole’ competition can provide fun experiences for the whole of your membership base.

But don’t forget to look under the hood as well. You can have the finest exterior, but if the engine is spluttering you’re not going to go anywhere. This is why being clever and using marketing automation tools and smart integrations will allow you to work more efficiently with less effort.

This has the juicy effect of giving the creative team more time to create quality work, instead of flooding members with average content, while the sales team will be able to keep everyone happier and grow your membership base.


It can be difficult knowing where to start can be tricky - so with help on marketing automation, smart integrations or even more great content marketing examples, give the friendly experts at APSIS a buzz!