Oct 21 | 4 minutes read

The Swedes and the Internet: 5 Prominent Trends for 2019

The Swedish Internet Foundation has just released this year’s report The Swedes and the Internet 2019. It focuses on Internet habits in Sweden – and there were especially 5 trends that really caught our interest. Here, we take a look at them and discuss what they can mean for you as a marketer.


Mobile Usage Is Increasing

The fact that Sweden is a constantly connected country is hardly news. Today, as many as 95% of Sweden’s population use the Internet and we tend to use it for a lot of different purposes; everything from consuming and communicating, to spending time in different forums and playing online games.

Of the Internet users, it’s an even race between the ones that use the internet on their smartphones, and the ones using it on their computer. But when looking at the new figures for daily use – the trend is clear. More and more people are using their smartphones (87%), instead of their computers (67%). 

With increased mobile usage, you as a marketer need to understand the importance of offering a seamless experience for your customers – both within and between your different channels. And for that, a so-called omnichannel strategy is required! 

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Email Is Still Number One

Over the last three years, 97% of internet users have used email at some point – and almost 70% do so daily. This is thus an excellent communication channel to reach and engage both potential and current customers. 

But in a cluster of constantly incoming messages in the inbox, you need to take your communication one step further and deliver customised and personalised messages. And with a marketing automation tool at hand, this dream can become a reality.

Besides email, chatting is becoming more and more popular. Among the population under 45, more than 9 out of 10 communicate via chat. And with the chat being a popular medium among the youth, this will probably take a step into the future working life. 



Consent - a Necessity or Not?

The new European regulation GDPR was implemented on May 2018 and aims to protect individuals’ personal data so that it’s not processed and used without consent. The legislation is thus about, for example through User terms, clarifying to customers how their data will be handled and used. However, despite this important law, 4 out of 5 accept Terms of Use without even reading them first...

Paradoxically, 45% feel that they are being monitored on the internet, and there’s a growing concern that both authorities and large corporations are violating personal privacy. For you, as a marketer, this means that you should work actively to build trust among your customers. But – you need to remember that: 

Trust isn’t given – it’s earned.

If you’re interested in learning more about how to build trust in an era of scepticism, you should definitely read our whitepaper where we explore the Nordic attitudes toward data-driven marketing

People Are Tired of Meaningless Scrolling in Social Media 

Among the Swedish internet users, 83% use social media. And although the popularity of the channels used varies from year to year – the figure for the use itself is stable. 

However, only 4 out of 10 experience their time spent on social media to be meaningful. So – what does this mean for you working within marketing? Well, it’s of the utmost importance that you offer your customers relevant content – based on their behaviours and preferences.


Podcasts Are on the Rise

Although podcast is a medium that’s been on everyone's lips for a couple of years now, we still see a steady increase when it comes to podcast listening. The number of people listening to podcasts has almost doubled since 2015: from 29% to 55%. 

By adding podcasts to your marketing strategy, you can offer both knowledge and inspiration in a genuine way and also reach your target audience on a more personal level. And that’s not very strange, since podcasts are often being a genuine and real conversation between two, or more, people.  

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Trends Come and Go…

… Especially in our digital industry. And we know that it can be quite difficult to sift among all the thousands of news and buzzwords. To be a helping hand, we’ve gathered knowledge, inspiration, and reflections on trends and marketing news here – in our blog and in our whitepapers. Enjoy!