Dear Customer,

As previously announced, we are working on migrating the services that we are currently hosting in Great Britain to Frankfurt.
This migration will require some planned service downtime.
The migration will happen in many steps but only two of these migration events will impact you directly:

Migration Event 1:
There will be a delay in email sendings (including transactional emails) as we switchover some of the email sending infrastructure. We will perform this migration outside of business hours to minimize the impact.

Impact for you:

  • Outgoing sendings can be delayed up to 3h
  • Admin portal, the API and all services will still be available to receive data and manage sendings
  • No data will be lost

Migration Event 2:
There will be some downtime where you will not be able to access the application, neither via the web interface nor via the API. We will perform this migration off business hours over a weekend. We are working hard with our hosting partner to minimize this downtime as much as possible, but current estimates indicate it may be up to 24h.

Impact for you:

  • Any sendings scheduled to be sent during this maintenance window will instead be sent out right after the migration has been completed. 
  • It will not be possible to schedule new sendings or change any sendings during the migration window. 
  • The API will be unavailable and it will hence not be possible to send out any transactional emails during this maintenance window.
  • The Events module will not be available or functioning

Please note that we will get new IP addresses for many of our services during Event 2. If you have enabled whitelisting on your end, please reach out to us for further information.

APSIS One will not be affected by Step 2.
We will announce the dates for these events in a separate communication at least four weeks in advance of the actual events. Event 2 will be planned no earlier than mid June.

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact our support