Oct 29 | 2 minutes read

Marketing Automation: Beyond the Buzzwords

Marketing automation is an scalable and powerful tool that can unleash great digital marketing with less effort. However, in the midst of all that popularity, buzz and misconceptions tend to hit the surface.

That’s why we took it upon us to go beyond the buzz and present marketing automation as it truly is. From abstract to palpable in a short three hour session. Let’s have a look!

Marketing automation doesn’t have to be heavy lifting

Business decisions should be guided by fact, not fiction. For the first part of the three session seminar, Jason Baskaran took the stage to talk about how and why marketing automation not only delivers great results – but also smarter decision-making.

Understand what your sales department needs, what you can offer them and what they can give in return

Marketing automation is an impressive piece of machinery. With this being said, you need people to guide and steer it down the right path and towards the right goal.

For the second part of of the seminar, Niklas Jakobsson held a thrilling speech about the pivotal role of internal collaboration and strategy.

The GDPR doesn’t only apply to businesses within the European Union

GDPR, GDPR, GDPR... It’s the regulation on data processing of personal information that has put the European marketer’s head for a spin. APSIS’ very own CFO and legal expert, Anders Hilmansson, addresses what big data is, and how the European regulation impacts Hong Kong businesses.

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