Personalisation in the Nordics
Are you delivering the level of relevance that customers crave?

E-commerce Personalisation in the Nordics

The world of e-commerce is becoming increasingly coloured by communicative oversaturation and fierce competition. But when thousands of brands scream for attention, how can you whisper what customers truly want to hear? For most modern marketers, the answer lies in creating a personalised experience that targets people’s needs.

But is the quest for personal relevance well-established in the Nordics? Which trends are shaping e-commerce? And how can you create a game plan that sets you ahead of the pack? This whitepaper explores the answers – through the eyes of 4000+ real-life Swedes, Danes, Finns and Norwegians. Enjoy!

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The e-commerce personalisation whitepaper includes…

  • 11 pervasive consumer trends: from delivery speed to personal accuracy
  • How the trends impact B2B and B2C e-commerce
  • What you need to adapt to meet customer expectations
  • An exploration into the perceived level of personalisation in the Nordics
  • The willingness to exchange data for relevance
  • A reality check: the level of trust toward data processing
  • Why data is the alpha and the omega in the relevance equation
  • 4 tips on how to leverage data and turn it into personalised online marketing


E-commerce is evolving at record speed...

… driven by developments in internet technologies, logistics networks and most importantly: customer needs. 

As an e-commerce business, current and future success lies in targeting (and retargeting) their needs with precision. Relevance is the new currency, and it’s pivotal that you get personal if you want to build relationships that last. 

But even though personalisation heightens the sense of relevance, increases return on investment and provides insights for smarter decisions – the notion of collecting data can be daunting for customers. That’s why we created this whitepaper: to give you some insights you need to succeed in your personalisation venture.

The New E-commerce Era

Chapter #1: Whether you’re active in B2B, B2C, G2C, B2G – or whatever applies to your business – you’re marketing to people. In order to understand the new climate of commerce, we need to get to grips with the behavioural shifts that shape the future of commerce – and how to meet their expectations.

In the first chapter of this whitepaper, we’ll present 11 consumer trends followed by three tips on how to meet their demands.

How Do We Feel About E-commerce Personalisation?

Chapter #2: Millions of customers, millions of stores, and millions of impressions: the Internet era’s endless source of information poses both opportunities and challenges for digital marketers. The solution lies in creating an experience that ticks the right boxes for every person.  But do Nordic citizens share the dream?

The second chapter explores the notion of personalisation from a customer perspective – through the eyes of 4000 Nordic citizens.

4 Tips To Tap Into Personalisation

Chapter #3: Personalisation is key to future-proofing your e-commerce business. But just like the grand old town of Rome; personalisation isn’t built in a day. It requires the right mindset, established strategies, and technology to tie together the data-knots. And most importantly: it requires patience and trust.

The third and final chapter dives into four key tips to ace e-commerce personalisation: from trust to technology.