Pressrelease Wästgöta Finans

Wästgöta Finans Implements APSIS One To Accelerate The Sales Journey

With the launch of APSIS One in 2019, APSIS has moved from providing several different marketing solutions to a single all-in-one marketing platform for advanced personalisation. APSIS can now announce that Wästgöta Finans, a Sweden-based private loan agency, has decided to implement APSIS One to strengthen customer relationships and to save time by automating their manual work.

Established in 2018, Wästgöta Finans is a private loan agency a part of Jula – a group that has helped DIYers and construction workers since 1979. With authenticity, decency and flexibility as its core values, the company offers unsecured loans throughout Sweden to make everyday life easier for ordinary people. 

Wästgöta Finans
Emma Dyga

APSIS One will help us reach, measure and follow up on our goals. We want to increase brand awareness with potential customers, the signing phase with prospective customers, and the payment phase with existing customers. The marketing platform ticks all the boxes in the sales funnel.

Wästgöta Finans is currently in the onboarding stage of APSIS One. Emma Dyga, Chief Executive Officer at APSIS International, comments:

Wästgöta Finans is a prime example of a company that understands the correlation between data and leveraging a trustworthy customer experience. They have continuously made rapid strides towards smarter and more efficient marketing, and I have no doubt that they will meet – and exceed – their goals with APSIS One.

After close collaboration between APSIS and Wästgöta Finans, the private loan agency has now decided to move from static email marketing in APSIS Pro to data-driven marketing in APSIS One. Therese Hjälmner, Head of Marketing & Sales at Wästgöta Finans, explains:

"We want to strengthen our customer relationships by becoming more relevant, and we want to decrease the manual tasks that take up an excessive amount of our time. APSIS One suits both our wants and needs."

APSIS One is a platform for advanced personalisation with native marketing tools for marketing automation, email, SMS, and more. With the option to customise the platform by adding Add-On tools and Integrations, the solution can be tailored to various business or industry needs. 

For loan agencies, it’s quintessential to facilitate trust throughout the decision-making process. By utilising a combination of website tracking, marketing automation, and CRM-data, Wästgöta Finans aims to optimise their sales funnel through communicative consistency and real-time relevance.