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18 Data-Driven Resources Every Marketer Needs To Dive Into

Marketing automation, lead management, customer profiles, data privacy, cross-channel data unification and all-around personalisation – the marketing sphere is filled to the brim with tools, terms and strategies you need to track. 

So, if you feel that you need to top off your data-driven knowledge – seek no further! This blog post contains 18 must-sees and must-reads that'll last you through the year.


Data-Driven Marketing And The Quest to Decode Relevance

Personalised communication, smarter decision-making and up to 20% higher customer retention: The emergence of data has undoubtedly set one of the most transformative changes in marketing in motion. 

Through the collection, processing and analysis of everything from demographic data to real-time data, marketers can finally move from marketing based on assumptions to smarter marketing based on factual audience activity and preferences.

Now, this is a subject that we hold close to heart. So naturally, we’ve written 100+ blogs about data-driven marketing. But if you want to dive deeper, we’d recommend:


How To Unify Your Data To Create A Single Customer View

Data-driven marketing requires the right mindset and the right strategies. But the fact of the matter is that you simply can’t create a personal and consistent experience unless you unify your data.

So, what's the trick? Well, most marketers can identify with having data sitting on multiple platforms. But to make the data-driven dream come true, you need a customer data platform or a platform for advanced personalisation with marketing tools to aggregate your cross-channel data into customer profiles. 

Want to get to the bottom of the tech? Check out these whitepapers and webinars:

Data Privacy and Processing: Obligations and Trust

Data-driven marketing delivers unbeatable results. But to collect, process and gain insights from data, you need to leverage enough trust to gain explicit consent. A rather complex subject, data processing and security commands and deserves extra attention.

  • Want to know how Finns, Danes, Swedes and Norwegians feel about data? We asked 4000+ Nordic citizens for their opinions – good or bad. The results? Well, they’re gathered in Nordic Attitudes Toward Data-Driven Marketing.
  • GDPR, e-Privacy Regulation: Data Privacy has been a hot topic in the last few years. But what does it entail and what obligations do you have as a marketer? Our legal expert extraordinaire, Sahar Torabi, breaks it down in our podcast: A Zip of Marketing.
  • And let’s not forget that we’ve collected it all in our GDPR knowledge hub. Check it out and find information about anything from the essentials to the myths!

Marketing Automation for B2B, B2C, and Beginners

Increased relevance, 50% higher organisational efficiency and up to a quadrupled sales uptick compared to bulk: We’re talking marketing automation. A true tour de force when it comes to infusing the customer experience with real-time relevance, marketing automation uses behavioural triggers to systematically and automatically communicate across multiple channels. 

An action, or lack thereof, sets a sequence of communication in motion with the end goal to (re)activate the person.  The channel of choice can either be email, SMS or social media – or a combination of all. And the trigger that sets the flow in action can be a whitepaper download, an abandoned cart, or website behaviour.


Although there’s no thing as a one-size-fits-all in marketing, automation can truly fit all industries – if you tweak your flows right. We've written 60+ blogs on the topic, but check out these resources to learn more:

Marketing Inspiration To Carry You Through The Year 

For content creators, graphic designers, and overall marketing strategists, there’s nothing better than a well-planned content calendar to keep organised, focused, and productive. So, we’ve created a Nordic Content Marketing Calendar for 2020/2021 that contains 12 large use cases and 48 smaller to help you on the way.

Get inspired – Download the FREE Nordic Content Marketing Calendar.