The Power of Visual Marketing

Visuals are powerful tools for successful marketing. That’s why we teamed up with the Danish start-up company JumpStory for this webinar. A session that will focus on eye-opening insights about visual marketing and how images can impact human behaviour to increase conversions.

Lighter images for email

How to get the image file size down?

Keep the file size under 300KB to ensure your email loads quickly. Your subscriber might leave your mail if they are forced to wait for huge images to load.

Here are some tips and tricks for you to keep the email light with nice images.

Save the images in png, jpg or gif format.

Your graphics will look crisp in png format while photos will stay more reasonable size as jpg images.
Gif has the lightest file size which works wonders for animation.  Gif animation is not yet supported by Outlook so pay attention to your first frame as that will be played as a still image instead.

How about Retina?

If your high-definition (for Retina display) images get heavy, you might want to take down the quality of your image and keep the width and height double the size.

Different ways to make your images lighter

  • Choose a lighter format

  • Take down the quality of your image

  • Make your image smaller