Posted 07th January 2022 by APSIS

Digital Marketing Trends to Expect In 2022

Rolling out the red carpets for a new year!

With the passing of each year comes hot off the press marketing fads and trends. 2021 marked an era branded by social media marketing, data privacy, and trust-building. But old keys won’t open new locks.

Posted 05th January 2022 by APSIS

Sustain Subscriptions Using Signups, PopUp Forms, & Push Notifications

Users x Pop-ups, Signups, & Push Notifications is quite the toxic love affair. Users sometimes find them annoying, but still, use them for brand interaction. Pop-ups still remain some of the best Signup forms for your conversion, and we show you how best to use them to shape desired business outcomes.
Posted 05th January 2022 by APSIS

A Foolproof Guide on Creating Irresistible B2B Email Newsletters

B2B audiences are typically industry professionals, which means marketing speak and taglines are never going to cut it with your newsletters. Here, we dig into the hows and whys of value-centric B2B email newsletters, and how you can make them irresistible to businesses to increase revenue.
Posted 05th January 2022 by APSIS

Enrich your Customer Experience with the Best Content Marketing Strategy

Content seeps into all areas of your business, it pushes your sales, marketing, and the entire customer experience. Learn tried-and-true tips for attracting, delighting, and ultimately moving your customers throughout the buyer’s journey using a winning content marketing strategy.
Posted 05th January 2022 by APSIS

Let’s get personal: How to give customers personalised recommendations in real-time

Personalisation has many proven benefits and can take away several pain points for retail operators and customers alike. Whether you’re trying to reach buyers via email or from your web page, real-time personalised recommendations can earn you money and improve the customer experience at the same time! Click on this article to learn about why they’re so successful, as well as a few points on how you can give your customers the experience they want using several popular marketing automation add-ons and some clever email marketing. So what are you waiting for!?
Posted 05th January 2022 by APSIS

Leveraging Marketing Automation Emails to Supercharge Your Memberships

Membership-based organisations are constantly under pressure to deliver value to their members. Marketing Automation, through Email Autoresponders, help solve this niggling concern as it helps to insightfully relate with potential members and further cement already established membership
Posted 15th December 2021 by APSIS

What is a Digital Customer Journey?

The ultimate goal of any business is to fulfil its customers’ needs and wants. 

To achieve that, a business should, first, understand their customers’ needs carefully and most importantly, their competitors. Why competitors, you ask? Because, it is when a business knows and educates their customers about how they are better than their competition, and why they should choose them over their competitors, they will be in a position to provide a good overall experience for their customers.

Posted 16th November 2021 by APSIS

Ho Ho How to design a joyful Christmas campaign for your subscribers

Christmas is a busy, joyful, hectic, stressful, beautiful time of the year. As a business, this is a critical time. Everyone ups their game around Christmas and pours resources into designing the best Christmas campaigns they can think of - but you needn’t stress out. Clever marketing automation, email and connected campaigns can help you make the most of this holiday period. Landing pages and SMS can help complement your efforts while providing an ecosystem that rewards the effort you put into your marketing campaigns. Read more to find out how to design a joyful Christmas campaign for your subscribers.
Posted 16th November 2021 by APSIS

Five content writing hacks for your B2B strategy

Content marketing has become a lot more prevalent in the last few years, but as the instances of its use increase, the proportion of well written, targeted and focused pieces decreases. That’s not a slight on anyone producing content - it can be a tough ask to get marketers to become content geniuses overnight. Everyone needs a little helping hand now and again, and if you want to produce the best content marketing you can, it would be wise to take into account these content writing hacks! So what are you waiting for? Read the blog for more inspiration.
Posted 16th November 2021 by APSIS

Take your customers on a journey with these email automation tools

The experience industry is a crowded field and marketers need to be doing as much as they can to stand out from the crowd. That means offering a fantastic product, but it also means engaging with customers and ensuring they feel special. This is where marketing automation comes in, specifically email automation tools. This allows you to connect with your entire customer base on an individual level, increase revenue and improve satisfaction across the board. Not sure where to start? We’ve got you covered in this educational and informative blog post.