Posted 17th September 2021 by APSIS

Marketing hacks that'll unlock your campaigns

Marketing is more than just sending out blanket coverage of the same event or blog post to your whole audience and hoping something sticks. Following that pattern is going to lead to a path of frustrating, low return on investment and stagnating subscription numbers. But luckily APSIS One is here to help. From marketing automation to the latest marketing trends, we’ve put together some ways that you can take campaigns to the next level as you aim to finish the year on a high. So click here to read about this year’s best marketing hacks and be prepared to take your subscription business to the next level!
Posted 17th September 2021 by APSIS

How to grow your list and increase deliverability!

Email marketing has become more and more important and is now the cornerstone of any membership business. It can be easy to neglect an email list and take your audience for granted - but that’s when things go wrong. Membership organisations can fall into spam traps, see deliverability fall flat and notice a drop-off in open rates and subscriber numbers. That’s why it’s vital that you continue to grow your list and get more email signups, but the way forward isn’t always obvious. Here’s how you can grow your list and increase deliverability so you keep all those lovely subscribers nice and happy.
Posted 17th September 2021 by APSIS

How abandoned cart emails can turbocharge your Black Friday

America’s biggest import may become Black Friday/Black Week. Stores prepare themselves mentally and physically months in advance, because there’s some serious money to be made. Discounts are all well and good, but you need some intelligent software running in the background to properly make the most of it all. Because competition is so fierce, there’s going to be some abandoned carts. When this happens, you could either wallow in pity to do something to win back these customers - this is where abandoned cart email comes into play. This marketing automation will help you claw back revenue that could go to your competitors and really help you make the most of one of the year’s biggest holidays.
Posted 09th August 2021 by APSIS

What is SMS Marketing?

Does it make you curious and delighted? Or, does it annoy you? It probably depends on who the sender is, right?

So, If you are a business or a marketer and want to capitalise on the power of SMS marketing without annoying your customers, this article will give you tips, tricks and insights into SMS marketing to get you going the right way.


Let's dig in to the following topics:

Posted 09th June 2021 by APSIS

How to write the perfect reminder email

Reminder emails can be tricky things to get right, but they’re super important because they can really make a difference to your members and your business. They’re awesome for things like events, but you also need to make sure that you manage to write the perfect subject line to keep your members engaged and that all-important open rate high. However, it does take a little bit of technology and some fairy dust to get them right. Click on this blog to read how to write the perfect reminder email, and see some other hints and tips to make sure it really hits the nail on the head.
Posted 23rd March 2021 by APSIS

5 ways to maximise the value of a great customer experience

Providing a great customer experience is an essential part of business, but you can do more than that. You can maximise on the value of having a team full of happy campers - and this is how. Click on the link to read about five ways to maximise the value of a great customer experience!