Vi på APSIS värdesätter din integritet och kräver att våra kunder också gör det

The APSIS anti-spam policy*

APSIS was created by people who believe that email marketing must be used with the permission of the recipient to be efficient. We believe that sending marketing emails to those who have not agreed to receive such emails is foolish and that it creates a strongly negative brand value for the sender. Our opinion is supported by several consumer surveys carried out in our markets.

We also believe that an ethical approach to email marketing is essential to ensure high deliverability for our professional clients. Since non-permission-based email marketing is not only unethical, but counter-productive, we as a company are adamant in saying no to purchased, rented, and/or co-branded lists.

Each email sent with APSIS must follow the principle of opting in.

If you have any thoughts, complaints or problems with ISP relations related to these matters, please contact

*The formal and more extensive version of these terms may be found in our Terms and Conditions document available for customers.