APSIS AI Assistant 

Empower your creativity while putting hours back into your week. Specialised in Email Marketing, the APSIS AI Assistant is your dedicated writing assistant, ready to help you create and ideate impactful newsletters fast. 

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3 Main Benefits of APSIS AI Assistant 

No more blank page anxiety 

Don't start from scratch — let AI generate ideas and engaging text for you to unlock your creativity and connect with your audience. 


Save significant time & resources 

No more wasting hours trying to find the right words. Increase your efficiency by up to 10x, freeing you to focus on the customer journey. 

Perfect your writing with ease 

Ensure optimised and professional content like a true email specialist, no matter your previous marketing know-how. 


Create enhanced subject lines and preheaders 

Your subject line and preheader are the first thing your recipients will see — let the APSIS AI Assistant do the work to ensure you’ll capture their attention every time. 

Our AI Assistant understands the nuances of email marketing best practices — it’s like having an expert with 10+ years of experience on hand to help drive your emails’ success. 

Seamlessly generate and optimise high-quality content 

Do you struggle to think up fresh, engaging email content in one sitting? Give your creativity a boost and generate unique, high-quality ideas and full newsletter content to land on the ideal email in minutes. 

You can also rephrase, shorten, summarise, and adjust the tone on existing text to optimise your content. Adapting content for different audiences has never been easier. 

Supporting eight local languages in the Nordics and beyond for your convenience. 

Have peace of mind with a secure and compliant AI tool 

Your data security and privacy is our top priority. With the APSIS AI Assistant, you can feel confident that your prompt data is never stored, shared, or used to train future AI models.  

Keep your data in the EU, ensuring full compliance with the GDPR and new EU AI directive. 

*APSIS AI Assistant is available for customers within the EU. 

Ready to discover how AI can revolutionise your newsletters? 

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