Posted 10th March 2022 by APSIS

The Importance of Customer Insights for Retail Businesses

Looking to forge blossoming relationships with customers that cause an uptick on your bottom line? Customer insights—a branch of market research—is your first stop. Learn how the collection, analysis, and application of insights can improve your decision-making and gainfully impact your business. 
5 minutes
Posted 08th March 2022 by APSIS

5 Pioneering Women Leaders in SaaS to Watch

In this post, we showcase reputable women leaders breaking glass ceilings in a male-saturated tech space, much to our admiration. Discover how, through their impactful journeys in SaaS, they’re sparking a transformation of diversity efforts from mere ethical buzzwords to real paradigm shifts.
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Posted 23rd February 2022 by APSIS

Eye-Popping Customer Incentive Ideas for Subscription-Based Businesses

A well-oiled customer retention process ebbs away customer acquisition costs and increases loyalty. Little wonder customer loyalty programs have been the mainstay of businesses retention strategies for years. Here, we pop a few more tricks up your sleeve to incentivise customers and make them yours to churn.
8 minutes
Posted 22nd February 2022 by APSIS

Cracking the Code On How to Increase Conversions in the Experience Industry

The poor conversion rate in the experience industry is easily traced to a lack of well-thought-out and applied strategy. This piece drills down on the business architecture behind conversion and reels out actionable answers to the burning question of ‘How to increase conversion rates.’
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Posted 18th February 2022 by APSIS

Webhooks, Explained: Why Businesses are using it (and why you should too)

Running a membership business means touching base with events, actions, & triggers that, if handled manually, could mean having to stretch oneself too thin. Learn how webhooks ebb away much of the workload by automatically triggering alerts to events and reacting to these events, in real-time.
7 minutes
Posted 11th February 2022 by APSIS

Unsure How To Retarget Leads? Here’s Your Fix.

You can deliver personalised emails reminding your prospects about your offerings through retargeting techniques, nudging them to convert. In this piece, we discuss the importance of retargeting, why you should retarget, and HOW you can increase B2B conversion using email retargeting
9 minutes
Posted 07th February 2022 by APSIS

How The Direct-to-consumer (D2C) Sales Model is An Absolute Game-Changer

Post-COVID consumer shopping trends have left open a huge window of opportunity to enhance customer experience without excessive spending. Direct-to-consumer helps you forge meaningful relationships you need to maintain & increase your loyal clientele base. See how D2C enables you to one-up your competitors!
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Posted 07th January 2022 by APSIS

Digital Marketing Trends to Expect In 2022

Rolling out the red carpets for a new year!

With the passing of each year comes hot off the press marketing fads and trends. 2021 marked an era branded by social media marketing, data privacy, and trust-building. But old keys won’t open new locks.

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Posted 05th January 2022 by APSIS

Sustain Subscriptions Using Signups, PopUp Forms, & Push Notifications

Users x Pop-ups, Signups, & Push Notifications is quite the toxic love affair. Users sometimes find them annoying, but still, use them for brand interaction. Pop-ups still remain some of the best Signup forms for your conversion, and we show you how best to use them to shape desired business outcomes.
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Posted 05th January 2022 by APSIS

A Foolproof Guide on Creating Irresistible B2B Email Newsletters

B2B audiences are typically industry professionals, which means marketing speak and taglines are never going to cut it with your newsletters. Here, we dig into the hows and whys of value-centric B2B email newsletters, and how you can make them irresistible to businesses to increase revenue.
9 minutes