Nov 08 | 2 minutes read

VIDEO: Key Takeaways from Digital Marketing Evolved 2018

350 brilliant marketers, four amazing keynotes and three expert-led breakout session – our annual digital marketing conference is a wrap! Did you miss out on the event or do you simply want a reminder? Here are the key takeaways from four of our brilliant keynotes.

"We need to observe behaviour"

Ease or Emotions: What should a modern marketer focus on? Zoë Chance is a Yale School of Management professor and a master of the art of persuasion. With a passion for turning knowledge into practice, she took the stage at DME to talk about the mechanisms behind behavioural economics.

"Find your essence, and the core of your brand"

What does LEGO, De Beers, Armani, Facebook, Google and Carlsberg have in common? Probably one of the best marketers in the world. Sara Riis-Carstensen inspired the crowd with her story of how she used data to build LEGO’s brand brick by brick.

"Marketing communications is about building trust"

Camilla Wallander is the CEO of Berghs School of Communication. At DME2018, she combined her academic knowledge with her first-hand experience of driving change within companies such as SAS, Nordiska Kompaniet and Berghs, to dazzle the crowd with her take on marketing communications. The most important bit? Trust.

"You have to work in cross-functional teams"

Cecilia Hjertzell is a Swedish entrepreneur and co-founder of CMO goes TECH, an international network for the CMOs of the future. At DME 2018, she addressed why the traditional CMO is dead, and why a new data-driven breed is emerging.