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Introducing the APSIS AI Assistant!

Webinar: AI Today & Tomorrow

Watch this webinar led by several experts from APSIS One, an efficy product, as they talk about the latest trends in AI and its impact on marketing and content creation.


  • Trends – AI & Marketing: Insights from APSIS One experts on the current and future trends in artificial intelligence for marketeers. 
  • The Future of Content Creation: Explore how AI is revolutionising the field of copywriting & content creation. 
  • Humanising Content: Learn techniques to make AI-generated content feel more personal and engaging, adapted to your brand tonality. 

See the new APSIS AI Assistant* in action and discover how you can utilise it to empower your creativity while saving time. 

*Currently only available for customers in the EU.

APSIS One Marketing Automation 

Get started with Marketing Automation 

Are you ready to take your marketing game to the next level?

Watch this webinar covering the ABCs of Marketing Automation for beginners.

You’ll learn the benefits of Marketing Automation, how to create your first flows and the best tips and tricks to optimise your campaigns. 

APSIS One event tool

Experience the power of seamless event management! 

Expand your marketing toolkit from online to offline, all in one platform.Watch this webinar to learn the basics of event management and how to implement it in your marketing strategy.

We will guide you through common use cases and best practices by using APSIS One event tool. 

Email Marketing Trends 2024

Wondering which performance metrics truly matter for your campaigns? Or how to tackle the rising significance of sustainability in your email communications? Learn more about this, and much more. 
Email Marketing Specialist, Samantha Savage & Marketing Manager APSIS, Melinda Lindh Nilsson will show you the latest tactics, best practices, and trends that will boost your engagement in the ever-evolving world of email marketing. Discover how APSIS One can help you achieve your goals.

APSIS One refresher training course x3

APSIS Consultancy is here to assist you!
Discover the basics of marketing automation, email marketing, and audience segmentation. Choose one or all three web training courses below to refresh your knowledge of APSIS One tools at your own pace!

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Our integrations webinars

Put an end to disconnected insights, data silos, and inconsistent customer journeys. Discover the benefits of integrating your favourite web services or apps to APSIS One, and learn about Microsoft Dynamics, webCRM, and more!


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APSIS One refresher training course x4

APSIS Consultancy is here to help! Learn about marketing automation, email marketing, creating smart forms, and audience segmentation. Choose one or watch all four web training courses below to get a refresher on APSIS One tools - at your own pace!


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The Power of Visual Marketing

Visuals are powerful tools for successful marketing. That’s why we teamed up with the Danish start-up company JumpStory for this webinar. A session that will focus on eye-opening insights about visual marketing and how images can impact human behaviour to increase conversions.

Beginner's Guide to Marketing Automation

Delivering the right message to the right person can be tricky. That’s why this webinar will start by answering the most burning questions around marketing automation, followed by the crucial steps you need to take to become a true marketing automation hero. Want to see flows designed for B2B or B2C? You can pick your track at the end of the video.

Why Data is the Future of Digital Marketing

Do you experience problems with gathering all your data in one place? Are you struggling with creating personalised experiences for your target group? Or do you wonder how to continue improving your data-driven journey? In this webinar, we’ll illustrate how to enable a unified customer experience and why data is the future of successful marketing.

Decoding relevance: How to maximise your impact with customer profiles

Personalisation is key to capture the attention of your target audience. But how can you personalise to maximise the results of your marketing efforts? In the following webinar, we’ll decode the answer and present how you easily can collect and analyse all your data using a Customer Data Platform.

Omnichannel: Building Consistency Across Channels

As the customer journey becomes increasingly fragmented, marketers need to be able to offer seamless customer experiences – wherever and however customers reach out. That’s why this webinar will focus on the possibilities of omnichannel marketing and how it can improve your business.

Marketing automation and the person behind each click

Digital marketing is not always a walk in the park. That is why we’ll address one of the major pain points of digital marketing: how to achieve personal relevance. But we’ll also take it one step further and introduce how the combination of marketing automation and customer profiles leverages an unbeatable sense of personalisation.