Feb 23 | 6 minutes read

What your business can gain from using a marketing software

If you’re looking to make the most of this year, you’re probably thinking about ways you can do business a little smarter. Marketing software and marketing software integration can be the key. 

Initial responses to COVID-19 and the business landscape it’s left behind may be to work harder, but with the right tools at your disposal that might not be necessary. You may just have to work smarter.

Big, medium and small businesses around the globe are going to be searching for marginal gains and clever ways to do things, and the good news is they don’t have to cost the earth.

If you’re just starting out, marketing software and marketing software integration can be a key way to elevate your gain and grow your brand.

Don’t Miss Out

Nothing holds businesses back more than leaving their customers feeling unsatisfied, and that doesn’t just mean in terms of product offering. Earning customers, and then earning their repeat purchases, takes time and it takes a real commitment to customer experience.

Having the best product doesn’t always mean you’ll be the best business, and it doesn’t always mean that customers are going to flock to you. If you are able to connect with them in a way your competitors can’t, you’ll already be two steps ahead of them and that’s two steps closer to putting a few extra $$$ into your pocket.

Marketing automation will allow you to build your business and it’ll allow you to sustain it through these difficult times. And so, here’s what you can gain from using marketing software.

Increase Customer Personalisation

As we’ve discussed a little bit in the section above, making sure that your customers are happy is absolutely key. Promo codes and special offers can be a good tactic, but keeping the people that have already bought from you happy is the most important of them all.

The costs of acquiring new customers vs getting old ones to buy again are crazy. It’s 500% more expensive! So make sure you keep your existing customer-base happy with some crafty personalisation.


But don’t just take my word for it, here are some really interesting stats on the email personalisation from Campaign Monitor.

  • Only 39% of online retailers send personalised emails
  • Emails with personalised subject lines are 26% more likely to be opened
  • Personalised emails deliver 6x higher transaction rates
  • Marketers see a 20% increase in sales from personalised emails

Personalisation Works

There are some really compelling reasons why you should be using marketing software to help you through this process of automation. Marketing software integration can help you segment customer lists into groups, which then only get sent relevant offers and emails.

Personalisation can mean things like collecting behaviour data so you can serve customers with marketing efforts that align with what they want from your business, or it can simply mean sending emails with first names in the subject line.

The key point to understand here is that personalisation works, and whether you want to take a deep-dive into it or start with some surface-level tactics, marketing software can help.

Improve Your Use Of Customer Data

Without marketing software, it can be really difficult to:

  1. Gather your customer data effectively and efficiently
  2. Know what to do with that data so you get the most out of it.

Thankfully, there’s a way to fix that little problem. To better understand customers’ requirements, you need the right data. When you have that, you can begin to properly understand the barriers they have to making a purchase, or what their expectations are and when they change.

The correct software will help you to collect data, silo and analyse customer data a lot better. When this has been done, it’ll allow you to make more informed decisions that lead to better outcomes and happier customers.

This data can then be used for personalised email campaigns, which is a really good way to win back old customers and earn potential customers. Data insights and how they tie with marketing automation is going to be key for driving growth in 2021.

Better Efficiency 

One of the best things about marketing automation is that it lets marketers reach out to customers in a personalised way across a number of different channels. Marketers can choose to send customers an email, SMS or target them through adverts online.

Marketing software can also perform a job that has traditionally been left to the humans: up-selling and cross-selling. With marketing automation, you can create some rules within the software that automatically send out emails to achieve this goal.

You can get this software to set up some highly personalised up-sells, especially around key times like Christmas and Black Friday. 

Here’s an example. Say you run a sports shop, and a customer comes in to buy some running gear. If you have their email address, you could then set up a campaign to remind them to buy another product from your running range, or further down the line, you could let them know about the latest running shoes that have come into stock.

This type of clever communication can really boost customers’ lifetime value.

Email Is More Effective Than Ever

Marketing software can make your use of emails more effective than ever. We’ve seen how personalisation and the more efficient use of data can really boost a business, and getting the most out of your email list is a complete no brainer.

If you’ve already got this data, then using it properly can be incredibly useful to increasing business and hitting the ground running this year.

We’ve seen how it can increase a customers’ lifetime value with just a few simple automations - while using personalisation can help to increase a customers user experience and is the key to doing more with less.

Improve Your Social Media Campaigns

Marketing automation tools will allow you to manage social media campaigns from one place. You’ll be able to get smart with your advertising spend, and cleverly use data to narrow down an audience or personalise your message on these networks.

Again, a segmented audience tool can make sure you reach the right people and keep the messaging from your brand relevant.

Use Marketing Software To Turbocharge Your Efforts

As we’ve seen from the post above, marketing software and marketing software integrations are really important if you want to turbocharge your efforts and make the most of 2021.

Aspects such as social media and emails can be improved dramatically with the use of these tools, while employee efficiencies can be boosted immeasurably.

The use of data, which is often misunderstood and an area that businesses can fail to capitalise on, will be streamlined. This can lead to increased sales, increased customer satisfaction and an increased lifetime spend.


With all of that, why wouldn’t you want your business to use marketing software? To find out more about how marketing software can benefit you, head to the APSIS website now!