Efficy confirms its high-speed European growth
by acquiring Swedish data-driven marketing provider APSIS


Brussels, Stockholm – 24 August 2021 - Efficy, the leading European CRM (Customer Relationship Management) provider, today announces the acquisition of Nordic data-driven marketing SaaS company APSIS from Norvestor, a Norwegian private equity firm. With this, Efficy expands its Nordic presence and marches on towards its ambition to reach a 5% market share of the European CRM market by 2024.

APSIS serves close to 3000 customers globally, and with the launch of APSIS One in 2019, APSIS provides its customers with an all-in-one marketing platform with powerful tools for marketing automation, email marketing and onsite personalisation.

APSIS CEO, Emma Dyga: 

“We’re very excited about Efficy’s acquisition of APSIS and are thrilled to be joining a high-growth company with high ambitions in Europe. I believe what we’ve built with APSIS One can be another piece of the puzzle for Efficy to reach its ambitions on the European market.”

For Efficy, this deal marks the fourth acquisition in less than one year, allowing the European group to considerably broaden its reach and strengthen its presence in Europe. With APSIS, Efficy expands its workforce to over 500 people across 18 offices in Europe.

Efficy CEO, Cédric Pierrard: 

"The acquisition of APSIS’ data-driven marketing platform also broadens our product portfolio making Efficy a one-stop-shop for companies searching for CRM solutions. With digital engagement being a key part of today’s customer relationships, APSIS technology presents Efficy’s customers with a whole new world of possibilities!"



About APSIS 

APSIS is a leading Nordic provider of data-driven marketing with 20 years of experience providing solutions for email marketing, marketing automation and marketing personalisation. APSIS today services close to 3000 customers across the Nordics and Asia. 

About Efficy

Efficy is a Belgian software provider offering medium & large businesses a complete, flexible, and extended CRM (Customer Relationship Management) solution which helps companies manage their customer relationship.

Founded in 2005 in Brussels, Efficy works with companies from a wide variety of sectors: Banking (Belfius, BNP Paribas, Fortuneo), Insurance & Mutual insurance (Amma, Wilink), Social housing, Industry (CEA, Gradus, Poujoulat), Services, Tourism & Transport (Kinepolis, Geneva Tourism), Retail (La Redoute, Groupe Gautier), Legal, Local authorities & Chambers of commerce. 


Efficy Group at a glance 

Forecasted figures for 2021

€65 M turnover
600 employees in 15 countries
13,500 clients
330,000 users in 60 countries

Latest highlights

2021: Acquisition of APSIS in Sweden
2021: Acquisition of PerfectView in The Netherlands
2021: Acquisition of webCRM in Denmark
2020: Acquisition of INES CRM in France
2019: Acquisition of SumaCRM in Spain
2018: Acquisition of E-Deal in France
2017: Acquisition of DESICO in France


Niklas Jakobsson
Chief Marketing Officer
Phone: +46700317044
Email: niklas.jakobsson@apsis.com