Customer Case: Dale Carnegie

"The APSIS platform has been a big break for me as a marketer"

Dale Carnegie Training H.K. & Macau is part of the performance-based global company Dale Carnegie Training. The company is represented in over 90 countries worldwide and they provide leadership, presentation, communication, team engagement and sales training and consulting services to companies of all sizes. More than 8 million people have completed these programs up until now.

dale carnegie training

The challenge

Dale Carnegie Training needed a more user-friendly and reliable platform for creating their newsletters, event flows and other types of marketing communications.

The solution

The company decided to implement APSIS to build and maintain relationships with their clients in a better way. Dale Carnegie Training also started using APSIS' tools so that they could integrate their email marketing with their event management process.

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The APSIS platform has been a big break for me as a marketer. I've been using the system for roughly 3 years and I've loved it ever since. The user-friendliness of the email editor is like a dream come true. We can easily construct our email marketing campaigns in just a few simple clicks!"

dale carnegie training centre

The Results

Since Dale Carnegie Training has started using APSIS' tools, they’ve seen a 50% increase in their client database and their open rates has increased significantly.

According to Kenny Chan, Marketing Manager at Dale Carnegie Training, who has used several email marketing platforms before, the company has also seen a 50% increase in click-through rates, compared to the email marketing platforms they previously used.

Because events are essential for Dale Carnegie Training’s lead generation and brand building projects, when they started using APSIS, they were pleased with its abilities to easily create invites and send reminders and evaluation forms to their attendees.

“The event module saved my life! It’s very convenient to use and even my “part-time” members have learnt how to set up and operate events. It’s like magic!"

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