APSIS One Releases AI Assistant Specialized in Email Marketing for Marketers and Content Creators 

June 4, 2024 – Malmö, Sweden. APSIS One, an efficy product, announced today the launch of its new APSIS AI Assistant. This innovative feature is designed to help marketing professionals increase their creativity with guided email marketing expertise and significantly reduce the hours needed to create engaging, high-quality content. 

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Niklas Jakobsson

“The modern marketer’s approach to customer engagement has turned on its head with Generative AI. Marketers can now reach prospects and customers faster and more precisely than ever,” says Niklas Jakobsson, Chief Marketing Officer at efficy. “At APSIS One, the team has been hard at work to stay on top of marketer’s ever-shifting needs, ideating and building with care our own Gen-AI tool that can scale newsletter creation — fast — with expert assistance. We’re very proud to present the APSIS AI Assistant.” 

Ai assistant

Built to remove "blank page anxiety” 

The APSIS AI Assistant is designed with the user in mind to solve the most common struggles of marketers today: limited time & resources for creativity. Generating both ideas and text, the APSIS AI Assistant helps remove the anxiety of facing a blank page.  

“Our goal is to empower marketeers to reach their full creativity,” Niklas continues. “With our Gen-AI, users can ideate and generate unique, impactful emails effortlessly, making their content creation process both enjoyable and stress-free.” 

Specialised in Email Marketing to save marketers’ time 

One of the standout features of the APSIS AI Assistant is its specialisation in email marketing. Trained specifically to understand the nuances of effective email communication, the APSIS AI Assistant knows what makes a compelling title, pre-header, and content, and it can differentiate between them. This makes it an invaluable tool for marketers aiming to improve the success of their email campaigns. 

“The struggle of writing that perfect subject line that will get your subscribers to open and read your newsletter is now in the past,” says Niklas, “With APSIS AI Assistant, you will always get several suggestions when generating a subject line or pre-header. It’s a great way to quickly create powerful emails, or why not use it to A/B-test different styles?” 

Simplified Text Optimisation  

The APSIS AI Assistant offers powerful features to optimise text, including rephrasing, shortening, and summarising. This functionality not only saves users time but also ensures their content is polished and professional.  

"No more wasting hours trying to find the right words," Niklas adds. "Whether you're an experienced marketeer or someone who hates writing, our tool acts as your dedicated writing assistant, making it quick and easy to refine your texts and keep your focus on what really matters — connecting with your audience." 

A Secure and Compliant AI tool 

In an era where data privacy is paramount, the APSIS AI Assistant is fully compliant with high-security demands. The tool ensures that users' data remains secure and confidential, addressing critical concerns about data access; with APSIS One, data is never stored, shared, or used to train AI models. 

Join the Content Revolution 

The APSIS AI Assistant is now available for all customers within the EU. Learn more about the feature and its full capabilities here. 
Start transforming the way you create newsletters and Marketing Automation flows – get your free trial today. 

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Melinda Lindh Nilsson  
APSIS Marketing Manager 
Email: melinda.lindh.nilsson@efficy.com 

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