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10 Million Ways to Spice Up Your Newsletter

The visual appearance has become a critical success factor in email marketing. Gone are the days when marketers could rely on the copy to get their voice heard. Email is now a visual medium, and the impact of your email campaigns depends on your ability to express your brand’s visual identity. 



APSIS JumpStory


Because of this, email marketers are facing two challenges: What images to pick? And second: is the image owned by someone else? Because finding the right image is tricky, but finding images that are free for commercial use is often really hard. 

Now, we’re tackling these challenges in one go. APSIS One just got an integrated image library that gives you free and unlimited access to  + 10 million photos, icons and illustrations. 



APSIS JumpStory

How about that? 

Thanks to the partnership with our great friends at Jumpstory we’re able to offer a visual image library to all existing and coming users of APSIS One. This feature is automatically switched on. No plug. Just play! 

Find the perfect image to support your message

The Jumpstory integration has plenty of cool aspects for designers and email marketers. A personal favourite of ours is the TextMatch feature. This feature allow you to select any text area (a headline, subheadline or paragraph) and then let an AI come up with suggestion of relevant images that you can cherry pick. 

How to use the AI to find and select an image in the email editor

So, let’s say you’re a marketer running an online fashion store called Heartland. Your company recently switched to a faster delivery partner and managed to cut the delivery time from an expected 1-2 weeks, to just a 1-3 days. This drastic improvement is something you really want to communicate to your customers. You decide to send them an email. Here’s how to do it using the AI feature in APSIS One called TextMatch!



Apart from the TextMatch feature, there's also a regular search function that allow you to type relevant keywords and find matching images. 


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